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Evaluating The Necessity Of Space Travel

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World-renowned cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, once argued “to confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit.” His words describe that we, as humans, are curious creatures by nature. People instinctually want to push limits in order to broaden horizons and develop technology. As this pursuit of knowledge advances, humans can be positively or negatively affected by an outcome. A key controversial development would be the topic of space exploration. Space travel has exhausted a substantial amount of financial resources; however, despite the depletion of funding, it is reasonable to conclude that these explorations have played a crucial role in where we are ...view middle of the document...

Firstly, space exploration has defined a positive connection between a multitude of nations, each seeking to uncover new finds. Fourteen space agencies worldwide compose the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG). Otherwise known as “a group that dedicates to sharing information in order to help individual efforts as well as a collaborative effort in space exploration.”(Global Investment and Cooperation Regarding Space, pg. 5) These agencies, due to a joint effort, have advanced our world into the modern society we have today. Though every country has its own personal complications, some topics are common grounds. For example, the topic of the environment and preserving natural elements. However, international cooperation was not effortless, as growth tends to be a point of competition. “Thus, the recent approach of multilateral environmental treaties is to give a ‘common concern’ status to the protection of the environment, as ‘common legal interest’ of all States, whether directly injured or not.” (Journal of Space Law, pg. 396) This is one such example in which unity between different nations is beneficial to all. In fact, there are countless advantages when nations choose to work together. “Benefits in the form of monetary efficiency, programmatic and political sustainability, and workforce stability will accrue to those partners who choose to approach space exploration as a mutually beneficial endeavor.” (The Case for Managed International Cooperation in Space Exploration, pg. 1) In brief, cooperation between nations facilitates bonds that allow different countries to prosper in many different ways.
Furthermore, one form of this prosperity would be economic advances. Space explorations allow the economy to prosper. The public, however, questions what space travel does for the working class citizen? “The answer is two-fold. We actually do spend the money down here. It goes to the salaries of the countless worker and scientist that support every mission that NASA does.” (Benefits of Space Exploration, pg. 27) So, when we, the taxpayers, and the government choose to spend our dollars on space travel, we grease the wheels, putting money back into our economy.“That’s where it comes from that trickle-down, to use an old word, of the investment in the community”. (Visions of Space Exploration: A Qualitative Study of Perspectives from the “Private” Sector, pg. 68) This investment provides stability for future generations, ensuring economic growth and prosperity. Space exploration promotes developments in technology, “leading to an overall stimulation of private companies and industries, all of which contributes significantly to the economic progress of spacefaring nations!” (Benefits Stemming From Space Exploration, pg. 5) To summarize, space travel allows the growth of the economy as a whole. Although space expeditions and research have consumed some of the world’s largest funds, it has also helped to create some of our...

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