Evaluating The Safety Of A Keyless Entry System At A Junior College

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The purpose of this quantitative research case study was to investigate school safety and the effects of a newly implemented keyless entry system at a junior college located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. This chapter will contain a review of the literature pertaining to school safety that includes the following components: recent history of school safety issues, prison effect of school safety plans, keyless entry systems, and vandalizing and theft.
School safety plans have had an increase in focus over the past decade due to the increase of televised coverage in mass school shootings. School officials relied upon the moral rationales that support aggressive street policing as they struggled to” reach the students” and make sense of the new disciplinary policies while maintaining their identities as educators (Garret, 2001). In reacting fashion, schools placed an emphasis on gun safety. As originally enacted on March 31, 1994 the Gun-Safe Schools Act (GFSA) required each state receiving Elementary and Secondary Education Act funds to have in effect a state law require local educational agencies LEAs to expel from school for a period of not less than one year a student who was determined to have brought a weapon to school (Thomas, 2006). The focus of trying to keep guns out of schools had administrators putting plans in place with little information as to what works for schools. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Educatiohttp://ed.grammarly.com/editor/content?page.paperReportKey=#n (2003) informed educators that they needed to add the possibility of terrorist attacks to the safety plans of schools knowing that this would stretch the ability of schools to meet the needs of the students and community. Reactions to school shootings have brought beefed up security and attention to school safety (Hunnicut, 2006). It appears school administrators did not take into account gun statistics. Mulvey and Cauffman (2001) report that less than 1% of homicides among school-age children occur at school. According to Brooks (1999), students face a 1 in 2 million chance of dying at school. Some school’s administrators responded by; installing spiked fences, metal detectors, emergency alert systems, hiring security guards, imposing student searches (bags, lockers, and desks), insisting teachers run lock-down drills, and how to strip a student vigilante of his weapon (Egendorf, 2002). Parents and students have shown negative reactions to schools’ newly added physical features. Schools countered initial complaints by having students sign consent forms. Students were to sign consent forms authorizing staff to rummage through backpacks and cars for weapons (Egendorf, 2002). The consent forms created a culture in attempts to completely subdue the parents and students of their rights. Arendet (2004) spoke of under conditions of constitutional government and freedom of opinion, totalitarian movement struggling for power can use terror to the limited extent only...

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