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Evaluation About Ism Program Between Ui Tm And Linton University College

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1.0 Introduction
Information System Management (ISM) is a combination of the study of technology and management. It is not all about programming but also include project management, design, administration and more. It also focuses on developing management skills and examining the value of information in an organizational. There are a lot of universities in Malaysia offering this program or similar to this ISM program. UiTM is one of the local universities that offer this program under Faculty of Information Management. UiTM is the largest institution of higher learning in terms of size and population. The university offers almost 480 academic programs including Information System Management. The ISM program is divided into three important fields which are Information Management, Library Management and Records Management. Their academic program is supplemented by industry attachments and aim to equip graduates with knowledge and skills to take challenges in managing information in various forms.
As the evaluation needed any one local colleges or universities in Malaysia that offers similar program to be compared with ISM program in UiTM, program of Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) in Business Information Systems from Linton University College is chosen to be evaluated. Linton University College is one of the private institutions in Malaysia. They offer many courses collaborating with other universities from overseas. Bachelor of Information System (Hons) in Business Information Systems is one of the programs offered by Linton University College.

2.0 Purpose
To purpose of this evaluation is to improve the existing program thus make it more advance and can produce more quality students. By doing this evaluation, UiTM could revise their course outline from time to time in order to provide students with adequate knowledge as well as provide academic and professional programs of high quality, innovative and up-to-date.

3.0 Scope
This evaluation only focuses on Bachelor of Science (Honors) Information System Management at UiTM and Bachelor of Information System (Hons) in Business Information Systems at Linton University College. Linton University College is chosen to be compared with UiTM is because it is a private institution. It is more challenging to compare with private institution because the teaching and learning environment is different with the public universities. The competition between students is also different as UiTM students consist of Malay and Bumiputera only whereas Linton University College consists of many races even foreign students also study there. The evaluation also focuses on several criteria which are duration of the study at the universities, course outline, industrial training, entry requirement, fees and to whom these universities offered for.

4.0 Findings
Table below shows the comparison between Information System Management program at UiTM and Information System in Business Information Systems at...

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