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Evaluation Essay

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Online Shopping
Shopping online is the best way to purchase items because people can often find better deals, saves finances and energy, and allows customers to shop at any time they choose. Online shopping has risen due to the fast paced lives that people all tend to live these days. Most people like doing their shopping online because it is a lot more convenient to access a website or device rather than finding the time to actually go to the store and hunt down the items customers are looking for. “[It is expected that] by 2017, there will be five devices/connections for every internet users.” (Bort). With those numbers, many people will probably prefer online shopping due to how many ...view middle of the document...

“Price and convenience lead many parents to shop online for back-to-school items. Web shoppers like not having to schlep from store to store, dragging kids with them.” (Miller and Washington). Many people have kids that they have to haul around and keep an eye on at each store that they go to; some have learned that is it much easier just to do shopping from home. Also, another factor is the expensive gas that it takes to get from store to store. When many sites offer free shipping on online purchases, why would anyone drive to the store itself? With the options of comparing several sites at once on the internet, some people opt out of going to several stores and potentially not even finding what they are looking for or having to pay an arm and a leg.
The world most people live in today can be very fast-paced and stressful. Some people do not have a fixed schedule and cannot make it to stores before they close; that is where online shopping comes in. While stores have opening and closing times, websites do not which makes it more convenient to shop online for some. “A recent poll of Internet users …ask[ed] primary reasons for shopping online found the following: Able to shop 24 hours a day: 81%.” (Miller and Washington). Online stores are open day and night and do not close for holidays which makes it quite useful for people with busy lives to shop for things that they need. Actual stores, for the most part close at some point but online shopping provides flexible hours for customers.
Conversely, online shopping is a godsend but to others they think it is a risky option and they do not want to partake in it. For example, when shopping online there are risks such as losing money to a scammer, not ever receiving package, not getting package on time, etc. However, these problems can be avoided by doing research on the company that customers could be potentially ordering from online. Also, most previous customers leave reviews to give others insight on the website and let everyone know if they are genuine or not. Normally, there are pictures of the product for the customer to preview and without seeing the product in person to see the exact color and feeling it to see it that is the material that the customer wants the customer could end up with something totally...

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