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Evaluation Of Modern Country Versus Oldies Country Music

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Times have changed, and along with the times so has country music. American country music lovers have went from Loretta Lynn and Waylon Jennings, just two of the many classic oldies, to Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan, two very appealing country music artists. However, it is not only the tune of the music that has changed, it is the image, the appeal, and overall the type of icons the media is portraying these modern music stars as. Icons such as Lynn and Jennings had identifiable features within their music as well as their appearance that spoke sweet southern belle and rugged twang. Whereas Underwood’s and Bryan’s appeal now is much more sexualized than it was during the oldies. These changes affect the way modern day singers are marketed compared to former country music stars, instead of focusing on talent it is now looks.
Being that media is a major factor in this dilemma of old country versus modern country. All former country music artists such as Hank Williams Junior and Senior were not portrayed as “Sexiest Man/Woman Alive” and they were not advertised by overly sexualized looks, it was strictly talent. Mr. Williams is referred to as an “acoustic legend” whereas with modern country they do not focus on music its all about marketing their image. For instance, People’s Magazine portray Bryan as if he were a piece of meat
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instead of a talented country music star. In the 2013 edition of “Sexiest Men Alive” Luke Bryan placed number three and in the description they simply talked of his appearance; “sweet smile and southern twang… it’s that booty thats really being noticed” (People’s Magazine) and mentioned nothing of his singing career. However, this is not the first time Bryan has ever been flaunted as a facade of his physique. Last year once again People’s Magazine sexualized Mr. Bryan; “those manly muscles are all his female fans are dreaming of.” (People’s Magazine) by saying “all” (People’s Magazine) People’s Magazine is implying that female fans are not concerned in the least bit with Mr.Bryan’s success but with his body. The...

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