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Evaluation Of A Business Essay

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Evaluation of A Business

1.0 Executive Summary

Skinclad Ltd is a business-to-business manufacturer of high quality
leather, suede and sheepskin men's full-length coats and jackets. The
company has been established in the UK leatherwear market for
twenty-five years, which in 2000 was valued at approximately £2.5m but
has since dwindled due to economic changes.

Skinclad sell their garments through Modal Fashions, a fashion retail
chain, who have outlets throughout Europe. Since 2001 Modal have
reduced their contract quantity to 25% and negotiations have become
more difficult, with Skinclad only getting a profit return per garment
as low as £1 on certain styles and being forced into two days a week

Skinclad failed to secure a contract in 2001 to export through an
overseas warehouse selling garments to the Scandinavian market.
Skinclad are now working at breakeven levels in production and working
within a £80,000 bank overdraft. Skinclads lease of premises is also
due for renewal at the end of the year.

This report aims to aid Skinclad in becoming more marketing orientated
and in doing so will:

· Review the micro and macro-environmental likely to impact upon
Skinclad's in the long term

· Identify internal factor's of the company where there maybe problems

· Indicate marketing relevant courses of action

Figure 1. Structural characteristics of a marketing orientated
Tutor 2u Ltd 2004, [Accessed 11/05/2004])

In becoming market orientated the firm will have to consider the


2.0 Market Analysis - External Audit

In considering marketing analysis 'An external and internal audit is
carried out as part of the broader process of market analysis to
determine the opportunities existing in the marketplace (Gilbert,
1999).' To do this the company needs to gather information for the
external audit. This information can be categorised using PEST
analysis. This acronym stands for and considers the following issues
that may affect the company:

· Political including Economic

· Environmental

· Social including Cultural

· Technological

In addition to PEST analysis it would also be of use to review how the
company's Competitors and Customers influence the external audit.

2.1 Political including Economic

Political and Economic factors affecting Skinclad include the
'implications of a change in government policy, irrespective of
whether or not there is a change in government. Also, at national
level, political influence is significant and not just limited to
legislation on trading, pricing, dividends, tax, employment or health
and safety (CIM, 1993).' Current political and economic issues could
concern whether or not...

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