Evaluation Of A Live Piece Of Drama Of Blood Brothers

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Evaluation of a Live Piece of Drama of Blood Brothers

I went to see “Blood Brothers” at the Phoenix Theatre in London on
Thursday 9th June, for the matinee, 2:30, performance. The piece of
Drama, in my opinion, was very successful, having thoroughly believed
the characters and their roles throughout the performance, and left
with a satisfied feeling that I had seen a plausible and realistic
piece of true, entertaining drama. This essay will detail the things
in the play that have led me to this opinion, as well as things on
which I thought could have been improved.

Blood Brothers tells the story of two twin boys, separated at birth
only to be bought together and dragged apart throughout the play,
ending in tragedy when they truly discover who they are. When Mrs.
Johnston discovers she’s expecting twins, the only thing she can do to
keep the family alive is to give one away – to her broody boss Mrs.
Lyons. It’s only when the boys are firmly pulled apart that Mrs.
Johnston truly realises what she’s done, and regrets the choices she’s
made. As the years go by and Mrs. Johnston sees the boys brought
together by fate and dragged away by Mrs. Lyons, Micky and Edward, the
twins, form a firm friendship, with each other, and Linda, who Micky
ends up marrying. But after a spell in prison, Micky is continually
depressed, and pushes Linda to find it hard to stay and not play away
with the gradually more attractive Edward. The Play finally ends in
tears after Micky discovers this growing relationship between Linda
and Edward and shoots him, only to be shot himself by the over
watching police.

The story is set in Liverpool, and though no time is actually
mentioned, the piece uses clothing and sets’ showing the 1970’s, set
against the struggles of the 1980’s economic depression. This can be
seen as a good and bad point, good as it allows the director to choose
when they want the piece to be set, giving them some kind of creative
control, but sometimes bad as it can be seen that the audience may not
be able to fully understand or associate the piece due to it’s lack of
dating. The play is often told by the Narrator, whose character often
returns to sing about the growing theme of superstition, and how it
features in the play. This leads me to believe that the Narrator, who,
though is never spoken to by any of the characters, often addresses
them, clearly putting them in their place, represents superstition,
and sometimes fate. This is because of the way he foretells the events
of he future, and always appears at relevant points when something
substantial happens, such as his regular appearances when Micky and
Edward meet, which could result in them finding out the truth about
themselves. This could be, as Mrs. Lyons points out at the start of
the play, the end of the boys, as she states that...

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