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Evaluation Of A Website About The Australian Federation

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The implications of the catastrophe of wars between states in Australia would be most interesting in the historical genre if we reflect upon the possibility (proposed by a historian) that the serene, peaceful state we are in today would probably not occur and, furthermore, that the subject of history may not be the same. The reason this has not happened is due to Federation on the date of 1st of January, 1901. Federation is when the six separate British self-governing colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia formed one nation. Does this suggest that, in spite of common beliefs to the contrary, that Australia would not have been the same? John Lewis (1940- current) did once say, “I don't think the federation has a head; its neck has just grown up and haired over.” This could suggest a metaphor that Federation is lasting for years, but not going further in progress. A look at a single website source suggests and answers a lot, but must we find out the reliability of this source on federation. If we consider the website,, we can pinpoint its perfections and flaws, and state whether this source can be trusted.
At this time, publications can have flaws due to who, what, when, where, why and how it was made. Firstly, we should look at the date of the publication and if the information is current or if it requires updating. This site is undeniably not up-to-date as it was made, written and published in 2001. Lots of information can be found in 10 years as the current year is 2011, thus being slightly uninformative if new sources of information are found. The only thing recently updated is the privacy and copyright page in 2010. This page is from a reputable organization being the ABC Network, and is therefore well-known and can be reliable from this perspective. The organization of this website is clear and easy to navigate as well, with well set out hyperlinks that lead to the home page or further information. Furthermore on the aspect of information, this website is a historical report and it is a secondary source because, as stated earlier, it was written in 2001 but it uses primary sources, for example, quotes by Sir Edmund Barton anno regni (in the year of his reign), the elected prime minister after federation. ABC holds a copyright notice, stating, “ABC Materials, including pages and on-line images, are protected by the Copyright Laws of Australia. All rights are reserved.” This could show that, even as a .net public network page the information is still protected and trusted by the Copyright Laws of Australia. These copyright laws are set by the author, whose qualifications and experience signify a lot to the accuracy of the information.
On the page you are citing, or on a page linked to it, that individual or organization should be identified, that individual's qualifications should be apparent, and other avenues of verification...

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