Evaluation Of Charles Krauthammer's "The Unipolar Moment Revisited."

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This paper is an analysis and evaluation of Charles Krauthammer's essay on the unique condition of American unipolarity in the contemporary international realm. Krauthammer's article "The Unipolar Moment Revisited" will be discussed in this paper through eight predetermined and logically-flowing questions. To prevent further delay, let us now move right away to these pointed questions and their answers. The first question should be obvious enough...1. What do you see as the article's main thesis?The main thesis of Krauthammer's article is that: since the fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) the international system has been locked into a distinctly modern condition of unipolarity in which an American monolith (together with the rest of the Western states) stands dominating above all other nations, and is threatened only by rogue states armed with nuclear weapons and terrorists. This situation has only grown worse since the attacks of September 11th 2001 (9/11), which forced many states to align themselves behind the United States of America (USA). The future of the USA's unipolar position depends on whether it is going to be run by unwise leaders that paralyze its power with their obsessions for multilateralism, or strong and aggressive leaders that will unilaterally go out into the world and confront the enemy's of the USA to ensure its persistence at the very top of the international hierarchy.2. What other major arguments does the author make?Krauthammer argues that never before in history has the world seen this phenomenon of unipolarity. Throughout thousands of years, and the largest empires that have come and gone, the world still never experienced unipolarity as it currently exists. Even during the times of the Roman empire, which held great power and stretched far over the territories surrounding it, there still existed other very large empires to the East, namely one in Persia, and a larger one still in China, that counter-balanced the Romans (Kennedy, 2002).The argument is also made that the power of the USA has increased drastically since 9/11. This has lead to an even more unipolar world in which the USA is even more free to parade around the world carrying out its unilateral agenda. The unipolar era is especially unique in that the USA faces no other great power enemy states, a condition never before found in history.The problem of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) has been around for fifty years, but for most of that time the world was in the bipolar balance of the Cold War, and was markedly more stable than the unpredictable unipolar world we live in now. The fact is that backward peripheral states which may very likely act outside of the rationality model that kept the Cold War cold, now have the ability to inflict massive destruction on the USA, and potentially to the whole world.The article argues that the single most significant threat to the security of the USA comes from rogue nations armed with nuclear...

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