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Evaluation Of Clinical Decision Support System For Heart Failure

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In order to determine the effects that the CDSS has on the medical staff and their patients, research methods that need to be done. To test the three different hypothesis that was intoduced into this research, there will a quantative and a qualitative approach. Within these approach will consist of correlation research to test the relationship between variables and a survey to test the strengths and weakness of physicians using the CDSS.
The first research method is quantative approach using the correlational research method in order to test the hypothese that the CDSS can accurately diagnosis patients with HF thus allowing to treat patients accordinly. The quantitative approach uses quantifed data to produce statistical or numerical results. The correlation research will determine the relationship between the variable: CDSS being able to accurately be able to diagnosis with HF, and variable the increasing the ability for physicians to treat patients accordingly the needs of the diagnoses. By using the correlation research, a determination if the relationship is a postive, a negative relationship or no relationship. If there is no relationship between the two variables then the hypotheses is NULL.

A questionaire can be sent out to a selected number of physician to evaluate the confidence level of the CDSS. The questionaire should consist of questions that can be rated based on highest to lowest on the accuaracy of the CDSS. For example, one of the questions will be, “I feel the CDSS accuratally diagnosised the patient at least 90% of the time” and “ I feel as thought the CDSS will take away my abiliity to diagnosis patients with HF”. The question will give the physician the ability to choose between a range of response such as 1 being, “Fully Agree” and 5 being “ Fully disagree”. After the questionaires are received back from the physicians, then a correlation coefficient between the two variables can be determined. Also, EHR and the CDSS will need to be evaluated to determine how many times the CDSS actually produced accurate diagnoses.

The second research method is also a quantative approach which uses the correlation research as well. However, the approach will have the focus of evaluation research in order to test the hypothese of the variable: CDSS can assist physicians in prescribing medications and the variable reducing the amount of medication errors. In this correlation research, the hopes is for a negative relationship. A negative relationship is that one varible increases while the other variable decreases. In order for the CDSS to have a postive effect on medication, the CDSS needs to increase on accuratacy of prescribing...

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