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Evaluation Of Computer Usage In Teaching Arabic Language

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Evaluation of Computer Usage in Teaching Arabic LanguageAbdelrahman Kamel Abdelrahman MahmoudAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Curricula & Methodology ( Arabic Major )Faculty of Education in Fayoum ,Cairo University , EgyptE-mail :khi12005@yahoo.comAbstract:In Egypt, the teacher of Arabic does not study computer in the syllabus of his preparation in Faculties of Education. Moreover, he does not use it in studying any of the syllabi till he graduate as a teacher.Computer illiteracy in our Arab societies does not only require the availability of Arabic programmed language but also the existence of practical means to use Arabic language itself to converse with the computer.The present ...view middle of the document...

Therefore , it is evident form table no.4 that:The linguistic demands for teaching Arabic using computer in the programmes of preparing teachers of Arabic in the Faculty of Education seen by the respondents (in the sample of research) CHI2 has statistical significance of agreement in the numbers of the following phrases: (6), (7), (11), (4) , (13), (10), (16), (1), (5), (9),(17).Secondly, results of applying the questionnaire of linguistic difficulties concerned with the unavailability of Arabic programming languages.CHI2 has statistical significance of agreement in the numbers of the following phrases: (12), (1), (6), (4) , (9), (3), (10), (13), (14), (7), (8) .On the basis of this research , The researcher suggested practical medicines .Keywords: Evaluation , Computer , Usage , Teaching , Arabic , Language1 . Introduction:In Egypt, the teacher of Arabic does not study computer in the syllabus of his preparation in Faculties of Education. Moreover, he does not use it in studying any of the syllabi till he graduate as a teacher (14:33-36)This research attempts to pointing out the importance of using computer in qualifying the teacher of Arabic and showing some primary aspects of the relationship of Arabic language to computer.This issue seems to have been lost between the extreme simplification of technicians from one side, and the sharp overlook of linguistics from the other side; the issue is inevitably difficult and interrelated so that simple solutions or tricks will not do. It is also so important and vital to the extent that its importance is in the first priorities of preparing our Arabic societies for the information society where the labour of information, its industries and services will prevail.Behind this research is on invitation to modernize the outlook of the Arabic language as a whole. It is a demand that corresponds to the duality of computer and English language, and many other languages such as Russian, French and German. Such a demand needed a full revision of all the sides of the linguistic system, where the mechanic system impose on the topic it handles a degree of accuracy and completion without which it can not be subjected to the logic or the machine. Maybe in our approach to this problem on this level an indication of how the computer may compensate for our linguistic backward: theoretically, regulationally and implementationally .The English basis imposed technical restrictions on the mechanic handling of most languages. Such limits reach the utmost with the broadening of the field of linguistic variety between these languages and that of the basics i.e. English. English and Arabic represent from the point of view of computers two extremes; this, in turn, led to the emergence of many technical obstacles in arabizing computers which made of language another barriers added to another group of barriers separating the Arab user from that new comer which emerged and grew in a various linguistic milieu. (1)Language is the...

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