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Evaluation Of Jose Cuervo's Pursue Your Daydreams

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We have all experienced that strange and wonderful state of mind that exists somewhere between being fully aware and being asleep. It is the place where grown-ups become kids again, where kids dream of the future, and where we can experience whatever our imagination can conjure up. The lifestyles that many of us lead leave too little time to let our minds wander there, but Jose Cuervo wants to change that. Cuervo’s “Pursue Your Daydreams” print advertisement presents viewers with a laid back but direct reminder that fun, love and moments to cherish are all within our reach, as long as a bottle of Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila is by our side. This paper will focus on a critique of the Cuervo Tequila advertisement and argue that, based on an application of the theoretical frameworks we studied, the company has been successful in promoting its product to the intended markets.
Description of the Advertisement
This predominately black and white advertisement was found in Maxim magazine in August 2002 and specifically targets young males. The advertisement shows a man and a woman dressed in beach attire. The black and white makes the advertisement seem timeless. However, there is a splash of gold color in the ad, which signals to viewers that Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila is rich, and has the ability to brighten your day. The couple is laughing, having a good time, their hair seems to be wet, and the man is holding the woman up against him. The background is unknown to the audience, however, the individuals’ bathing suits in this advertisement leaves the audience to believe that they are most likely in a warm and sunny beach surrounding. At the bottom of the advertisement there is a golden liquid spread out across the page, representing an ocean of tequila. The bottle of tequila rests in the lower right hand corner. Both the woman and the man in the advertisement appear to be straight and Caucasian, which is purposely meant to target the majority of Americans, who are also heterosexual Caucasians.
The intended audience is younger, legal drinkers. At the bottom of this advertisement, in very fine small print, it says “Drink Responsibly.” The picture and the words in the advertisement suggest that the advertisement is aimed at younger people, possibly in their mid twenties to early thirties. The youthful and happy look of the couple leads the audience to believe that an older couple would not be in the position to drink and have a carefree romance, like the two portrayed in the advertisement. Some cultural knowledge may be needed to help interpret this advertisement, due to the fact that three Spanish words are seen: desde 1795 (from 1795), hecho en Mexico (made in Mexico), and vive Cuervo (live Cuervo).
The advertisement contains other ideological elements that give power to the text. It tries to transform the product into a symbol of pure enjoyment and sexual adventure for the average twenty to thirty-year old American. The woman...

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