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Mobile-CommerceKhalid AljohaniSS#:3175076Individual AssignmentJune 6th, 2008Course: INTE-1214 E-Business Models & IssuesRMIT University, Melbourne, AustraliaAbstract:Electronic-commerce, which represents performing commercial and business transactions using computer networks, faced intriguing questions regarding its potential growth and success. Corporations questioned its reality when it started in the mid 1990s. Currently, mobile commerce (M-Comm), which utilizes the mobile device and network technology to conduct business transaction and information exchange, is facing the same dilemma. The major advancement in mobile technology and the huge widespread of mobile use globally represents an excellent opportunity for customers and businesses in the future once the mobile technology reaches its full potential. This paper analyzes the main factors that will lead to the success of future m-Comm which are the handset culture, mobile technology development, the unique group of potential m-Comm customers and the increasing demand of mobility. These factors combined with the attributes of m-Comm will probably lead it to eventually being as big as e-Comm.Table of ContentsPageIntroduction 4Current State of M-Comm & Future Predictions 6Key Drivers to Future M-Comm Success 8The Handset Culture & Mobile Affinity 9Major Advancements in Mobile Technology 11The Unique Group of Potential M-Comm Customers 12The Increasing Demand of Mobility 12Conclusion 13References 15The world has evolved into a global village and brick-and-mortar corporations were not the only major players in the commercial world anymore. In order to remain competitive, large organizations had to adapt to and capitalize on the then-emerging electronic commerce (e-Comm), which represents the buying, selling or exchanging of products or services through computer networks (e.g. the internet) (Turban et al. 2008, p.4). When the internet became popular in the 1990s, companies' executives had an intriguing decision whether the internet was for real and would assist them to stay successful or it would fade away after a while. It is evident that e-Comm has been successful in several commercial businesses when properly and carefully exploited. Originally, using computers to access the internet was only available in wired locations. Thus, people who needed mobility in their work were hindered. However, the major advancements in mobile devices and infrastructures have allowed people to access the internet anywhere, anytime. The internet has become mobile and wireless. Mobile devices changed from initially just allowing people to communicate over the phone to currently providing access to the internet for various activities. Moreover, e-Comm has substantially grown over the last several years. Due to these facts, there has been a great deal of interest in conducting business transactions using mobile devices. This has led to mobile commerce (m-Comm), which is the process of performing any...

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