Evaluation Of Study Group In University. Our Professor Wanted Us To Focus On Issues Faced While Working In Groups In University.

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Assessment # 1COURSE: 7151EBLGroup and OrganisationalBehaviourTOPICEvaluation of Study Group in UniversitySubmitted to:Mr. Raymond SmithDate: 14/04/2009Submitted by:Name: Vicky PatelStudent #: s2637203IntroductionThe importance of groups to human experience and interaction is undeniable and incontrovertible. People live their lives in groups, in the workplace, in families, among friends, in neighbourhoods, and in communities (Lawler, E. J., 2005). Therefore, it is important to understand the group dynamics of diverse groups and their functionality in different aspects. This paper aims to evaluate the study group wherein the university students get together in order to complete their task by the end of the month and the friendship group in which members of the group have similar interests in reading. Taking into consideration the mentioned groups the focus will be drawn upon the aspect of communication as to how the two groups communicate based on different group properties that shape the behaviour of the group members and the performance of the group members.DefinitionA group is defined as two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives (Robbins, S. P., Judge, T. A., Millett, B., Waters-Marsh, T., 2008). Study groups or task groups represent those working together to complete a job task (Robbins et al, 2008). Group work is a situation in which two or more students work together to achieve educational outcomes that may not readily be obtainable in whole class-settings (Hanham, J. & McCormick, J., 2009). For case in point, a group of university students asked to complete a project within specific period of time. It is imperative for every group member to have a say and contribute to achieve the goal. The main aspect of the group would be to have clear and effective communication between all the members of the group so as to have broad and appreciative understanding within the group leading to effective team-building and trust among all members. Every diverse group should have the pillar of respect and to be successful.People not aligned into study group may affiliate to attain a specific objective with which each is concerned. Groups often develop because the individual members have one or more common characteristics known as friendship groups (Robbins et al, 2008). For instance, two friends having common interests and similar understanding and coming from two different cultures. Here, the exchange of ideas involves effective communication by respecting and valuing the culture based on different norms and ideas.Groups or group affiliations are important sources of identity, cooperation, collaboration and a sense of belonging identifying positive consequences for individuals and organisation at the same time are also a source of negative consequences such as exclusion, injustice discrimination, and violence (Lawler, E. J., 2005). A conflict may promote collaborative relations and...

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