Evaluation Of Subway's Branding And Its Swot Analysis.

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EVALUATION OF BRAND NAMEA brand is a combination of name, term, sign, symbol and design intended to identify the goods or services of one seller, which helps him/her to differentiate from those of competitors (Kotler 2006, 269). Subway is first known as Pete's Super Submarine in 1965. The name was shortened to Subway and it is also then, the first franchised unit was opened in 1974 in Connecticut (Subway 2008). Perhaps, the founder of subway - Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck - realized the importance of developing a good brand name. There are several desirable qualities for a brand name. It should (i) suggest about the product's benefits and qualities, (ii) be easy to pronounce, recognize and remember, and (iii) distinctive.Subway has fulfilled all these qualities. Its slogan 'Eat Fresh" suggests the freshness of the ingredients used for the submarine sandwiches. Also, as Subway offers a wide assortment of products like sandwiches, salads, cookies, potato chips etc, making every visit a fresh one for its consumers. The colour green and the use of tomatoes in the logo symbolize the healthier aspect of Subway's food products. Subway has a high degree of brand awareness; consumers are able to associate Subway with its submarine sandwiches that are filled with fresh vegetables. The brand name is not offensive; it did not create any inappropriate excitement like French Connection's provocative slogan - FCUK, which has resulted in many controversies in countries including Singapore. Brand name is very important as a good one can add greatly to a product's success (Kotler 2006, 273).SUBWAY'S OVERALL STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSESStrengthsSubway has successfully market itself as a healthier alternative to traditional greasy fast food. In the press release on 18 November 1999, Subway has listed the seven low-fat subs with 6 grams of fat or less menu offering convenience and good nutrition food products for consumers' fast-paced lives. This has made Subway as the best fast food choice for consumers who are concerned about eating right; counting calories or trying to eat healthy. Also, according to the press release, Subway is conscious of the dietary needs of vegetarian consumers and offer options for them - Veggie Delite, which is simply a salad sandwich. At Subway, consumers are able to personalize their own submarine sandwich by choosing the type of ingredients, condiments and salad dressing they wish to have for their sandwiches. The choice of getting the sandwich toasted is available too. This personalized service is not common in most of the fast food restaurants. Besides, unique sides like freshly baked cookies and potato chips are offered instead of the usual mash potatoes, French fries or coleslaw. Generally, the portion served is relatively in comparison to normal burgers. Overall, Subway's sandwiches are loaded with fresh ingredients that differentiate Subway from its competitors.WeaknessesSubway's sandwiches tend to become soggy after kept for a...

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