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Evaluation Of The Lean Thinking Philosophy

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Although lean thinking is the best solution that a business organization can ever have, the implementation of some of its strategies can be a challenge to a few businesses. Firstly, some employees are likely to leave the company in the advanced level of the lean implementation process. This may be due to the pressure of short time goals and limits that the employees are given to ensure that the lean philosophy is followed to the letter. As a recommendation, managers should be patient with lean thinking implementation, as it is a long-term solution.
On the other hand, a company may have some complexity in the process of implementing lean thinking strategies, which are spread throughout the entire value chain, but invisible to the managers. Since the strategies are too focused on responding to the requirements of the customer, they may cause several disturbances in the system. These issues may be in the form of incorrect forecasts, inability of suppliers to respond to rush deliveries, a low amount of or excess inventory, and the work pressure of finishing tasks. Consequently, to overcome the challenges, all managers should be trained on how best to implement the lean philosophy. Lean thinking should be introduced as an independent course in business management colleges to ensure that all future managers are conversant with the philosophy.
Lean thinking is a methodology by which work is organized within a company or factory, with the main objective being the elimination of waste from all business activities. According to the philosophy, every person in a company or in any defined enterprise should strive to eliminate waste continuously with an aim of creating value through a customer-focused process. Lean thinking is definitely the most powerful paradigm for managing business organizations. It originated from the Toyota Company in Japan at a time when the company was struggling to stay afloat in the competitive automotive market. Lean thinking ensures that there is proper usage of raw materials in manufacturing companies and increases effectiveness in the business organizations that utilize the philosophy. For example, when a business organization applies the flow principle of lean thinking, the product or service moves predictably along the value stream without stoppages or interruptions; this also ensures efficient production. Since the main objective is to avoid waste, there is maximization of profit. This is because only the right amount of resources is spent on materials when wastage is minimized. Lean thinking empowers a company’s management personnel together with its staff members. It is relevant in every business regardless of its size and aims at creating more value using limited resources in a surrounding where all the staff members are motivated, customer focused, and productive. The philosophy is a customer centered methodology, which is based on continuous improvement and respect for people.
The success of the Toyota Company in Japan...

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