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Evaluation Of The “Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act Of 2010”

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Human Services is a profession that has been deeply affected by certain legislation passed by Congress. One of the most influential acts that has been passed, was the “Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act”, put in effect by President Barack Obama in 2010.This legislation has affected the department of Human Services profoundly more than any other legislation in the past decade. Many positive changes have been made but, many could argue the downside of some changes as well. It is critical in this line of work, to study and evaluate both sides of the arguments to better the ability to treat and help others.
Prior to the PPACA, certain divisions of the medical field made the reach of ...view middle of the document...

After seeing the positive side of the act, many wonder what has really changed, to in turn create these new provisions and improvements.
After numerous studies and constant research, many have found some very notable downsides to The PPACA and have chosen to further pursue reasoning behind these changes. One of the most upsetting downsides is, how taxes for all Americans will increase even further, to help fund the new legislation and decisions made by Congress. Also, religious business owners are now required by law to provide birth control and other contraceptives to employees, no matter their views or opinions on such items. Not only have decisions like these angered citizens, but health care employees and physicians have been upset as well. Currently employed doctors, are currently pondering whether or not to leave the field of medicine after having to change the way they practice medicine as individuals. Not only will this harm the healthcare community but loyal patients as well, who have come to trust and rely on these people (Turner). Though the drastic revisions to certain long standing programs and policies, this isn’t all of what citizens have discovered about the PPACA.
After carefully evaluation, I decided not to look at these findings through my own eyes but rather the two sides that are most affected by these numerous changes. These two sides are: the American Middle Class taxpayer and Social Welfare recipients. Taxpayers have been found to be more concerned with the changes in taxes and health insurance costs for those in the middle class, which have been done in order to provide more funding for the new federal programs and revisions to previous policies. This has not just upset these individuals, but has angered them to the point of fully opposing the PPACA as a whole. With this newfound anger, numerous groups of the middle class have started to push to get rid of this act, due to the “unfair” changes. Though the majority of this particular group focus on the downsides, they don’t realize the positive changes that have been provided to those who require assistance. Social Welfare has been greatly improved with this act and yielded profound results. It has made it easier for households considered in need, to receive assistance with health care. Not only has the applicability of healthcare been broadened by the new legislation, but it has made new innovative therapies and medical procedures available to all...

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