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Evaluation Of The Use Of The Il Ps In Addressing Individual Learner Needs

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In this assignment I am going to further review the progress made by three of my students who were working towards summative stages of their assessments. Furthermore, I will be evaluating how the use of ILPs was useful in addressing individual learner needs and how it benefitted the learners overall.
Hamilton (2009) highlighted that ILPs could be used to help tutor and student identify various needs and review them from time to time if goals are to be achieved. Caffarella (1993) showed that ILPs can be employed to help students have structured approach to learning, continuous improvement and self-management of learning, with ultimate results of improvement on their academic performance. ...view middle of the document...

Based on the strong benefits of ILPs highlighted above I would say that the ILPs were useful for the period. My argument is based on the fact that two out of the three students I had managed to score better grades after having worked around the targets we had set. I found that the ILPs had three fold beneficial in many ways for example; they gave the three students the opportunity to take responsibility of working hard in achieving the set goals. In addition, I also noticed that students were better motivated since they were given the chance to carry out independent learning. For me as a tutor the ILPs made it much easier to follow to review individual student’s progress with the opportunity of offering further help where necessary. For the college the ILP helps ensure that the regulatory requirements are met given that these are now a legal requirement by the funding bodies.

Two out of my thee students showed a tremendous improvement by meeting the goals we had set and reviewed during the ongoing tutorial process. One learner who was at risk managed to improve on genetics module by scoring grade of B. Initially she had scored an F grade while strong learner who was among the three moved from a C to B grade. This showed that these learners were highly motivated and also took the responsibility of trying to work around the areas we discussed during tutorial sessions. A study by Pam and Diane (2002) showed that there was a correlation between learning support and student performance where those who received learning support did perform better in exams. Also, Solberg et al., (2012) found that quality learning experiences through fostering self-determination resulted in high engagement in goal setting, academic self-efficiency and higher grades by students where tutor guided support were being utilised. I would mention that one of my learners was very active and kept seeking for help from the learning...

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