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Evaluation Of You Protect's Website Essay

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Executive Summary

This report was create to evaluate the web analytics of YouProtect during 25 July 2013 to 23 March 2014. The aim was to provide useful recommendations for the website improvement based on the use of Google analytics.

The result of data analysis has demonstrated that YouProtect was in a bad position as apparently the visitors’ tend to leave their website rather than stay. The reasons behind all of this might come from unprofessional page design layout, outdate material, lack of quality content, lack of behaviour's understanding and irrelevant keywords.

It is recommended that YouProtect should :

Redesign the website layout.
Update new engaging content daily in both website and social media.
Use keywords which related to the core merchandise.
Compress some image, HTML, Javascript, PHP and CSS files to increase speed.
Further visitors’ behaviour research is essential to follow-up the conclusion.


The aim of this report was to evaluate the web analytics of YouProtect and provide appropriate recommendations so as to improve the website. The information was based on the use of Google Analytics which provide data and many aspects of insight from the Internet users.

The analysis in this report will focus on the whole period of data, from 25 July 2013 to 23 March 2014 and specific only on the important part of the statistics, in order to predict the direction and trends that might have an impact on the website in the near future.

The different type of data such as table and graph will be used to showcase the performance, positive feedback, negative reaction and some meaningful change of YouProtect's website.

Finding and Analysis

1. Audience Overview

According to the statistics of YouProtect by google analytics in Figure 1, It can be seen that the majority of new visitors between 25 July 2013 to 23 March 2014 has been growth steadily. However, it even hit the rock bottom in the mid of October before rose back to the same condition. The total number of new visitors were 19,076 but only 3,200 of them had returned to the website.

(Figure 1) News visitors vs Returning Visitors

This indicated that the website is not attractive enough to maintain their visitors in a long term. Although getting people to visit the website is hard, Getting people to stay and participate in the website is harder (Enfuzed, 2013; Lake, 2010). The returning visitors are essential for the website. They can bring new visitors to the website through word-of-mouth, provide valuable feedback and are more likely to repeat purchasing the merchandise (McGovern, 2013; EditorialToday, n.d.). Therefore, YouProtect should concern more about their web design layout that can capture visitors' attention in order to create more visitors.

2. Traffic Source

The most important channel for YouProtect during 25 July 2013 to 23 March 2014 was organic search from search engine as it produced 65.49% of all traffic. The referral...

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