Evaluative Criteria On Government Policies: Affordable Housing

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Evaluating policies when the government acts on a public issue are extremely important because it provides a sense of checks and balances when new plans are implemented that can involve the rights of citizens. Certain criteria’s come into action when these polices are designed and are placed into law because new polices may end in great results or the complete opposite. Based on prior research, reading analyzing our government and knowledgeable development from lectures, I realize when evaluating new procedures it can be quite challenging to decide what is best to invest in when it comes to developing polices for citizens. How will the policy affect me as the lawmaker, the government spending and the people who are in request of this policy if it goes into law? That is what is looked at when this evaluation process takes place, what is crucial, are my votes going to be effected, is this feasible, is there enough technical recourses for this, does it violates rights of citizens and what is important overall.

Here in New York City, a great city where it is always a wonderful place to visit in addition it is quoted as the capital of the world. A place that has so much to offer with many different cultural factors and a variety of things taking place within nearly every quarter mile. Such a beautiful city; however, it is also a very expensive city to live in. Compared to many other cities, New York City according the research of CBS News, this city is ranked number two as of 2013 as the highest city in America for high rental fees aside with San Francisco as number one. CBS data states that the average studio in New York City is $2,300 a month, one bedroom apartment is $2,900 and two bedroom, plus is 3,500 and over. That’s not just Manhattan, but all over the city in vast areas. Brooklyn as of 2012 has narrowed the rent average with Manhattan, as the average is 3,050 plus for a full apartment conferring to the NY Daily News.

As stated in our Policy Alternatives portion above, NY Council Speaker, Quinn spoke on how Middle Class with a family of four earnings ranges between $37,000 and $139,000. If you break this down the average of family members must have a career making at least 50,000 to 70,000 a year. Although majority of New Yorkers are not making that much, the average normal job annual income falls between $30,000 and $60,000. That is just enough to pay rent and all of your other bills when living in New York. The times are changing and with such a high population of citizens living within the New York Metro Area living means need to be met or we will have an epidemic of folks not being able to afford to live in New York.

Those who cannot afford the rapid growing prices in New York will need assistance and that is when our lawmakers come into play. Our chosen polices for Housing Assistance in New York are the Reform 20/30/50 Mixed Income Program, Affordable housing subsidies, and the Alternative to improving the New Housing...

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