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Evan Crutch In George Washington Essay

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Evan Crutch appears as an infantryman in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War as portrayed in the film George Washington. He is a representation of the maturation of the soldiers during the course of the war and how their attitudes towards battle changed by the end of the conflict. His personality is a generalization of how the soldiers acted and behaved at given times during the war; however, he differs from the average American soldier in that he also serves as a great role model towards his comrades. He is loyal to those above him and encourages others to be the same. He also pushes others to give their best, even in peril.
When George Washington was assigned his position as Commander in Chief, the Continental Army was a rag-tag band of men from varying militias and backgrounds. They were highly unorganized, poorly trained, and ill-equipped for any kind of battle or survival. In the film, George Washington’s disgust with the way the Army behaved was depicted as the General going through a Continental encampment. Up on his horse, he views the loose union of soldiers he is given to lead. The first interaction he has with any member of the infantry is with Evan Crutch. He is seen with his section, holding a chicken. Washington asks Crutch where his officer is, to which Crutch replied with “He’s not here, sir.” This prompts Washington to say how he feels: “This encampment is a pigsty!” This leaves Crutch speechless as Washington rides away.
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The second meeting with Evan Crutch comes on the New Year as Washington rides up to a Continental outpost at night. Evan and a few others are at watch, unlike the other soldiers who are at camp, getting ready to leave the Army soon. Washington is met with the question “Who goes there?” Washington is pleased with this and he commends Evan and his men for their vigilance. The friendly interaction prompts Washington to ask Evan’s name. The conversation ends in New Year’s wishes, which leaves Evan ecstatic. This scene illustrates how Evan does not only serve as a representation of the Army’s development, but also the growing bond between Washington and his men.
Evan Crutch is seen again outside where Washington is staying. The soldiers are gathered outside, listening to the words of Thomas Paine and being asked to sign on again to the Continental Army. Most of the soldiers are hell-bent on leaving the Army right away, seeing that they...

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