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EVELINAIt will be beneficial to explain about the 18th Century England and the woman during this period before begin the analysing of novel. The eighteenth century brought the beginning of the British cultural revolution. With the increasing power of the middle class and an expansion in consumerism, women's roles began to evolve. The economic changes brought by the new middle class provided women with the opportunity to be more directly involved in commerce. Lower-to middle-class women often assisted their husbands in work outside the home. It was still thought unseemly for a lady to be knowledgeable of business so, though some class distinctions were blurring, the upper class was able to distinguish themselves from the rest of society. The rise in consumerism allowed the gentry to place a greater emphasis on changing fashion and "display," further distancing them from the middleclass. With the advent of changes in rules of fashion and acceptable mores within society, some women established a literary niche writing etiquette guides. Also due to the cultural revolution, mounting literacy rates among the lower classes caused an increase in publishing, including the rise of the periodical. Men and women of all classes found new means to express ideas in the wider publishing community. Though women's writing during this period continued largely to be an extension of domesticity, and focused mainly on pragmatic, practical issues, women found a wider market for publication.It is understood that the status of women in society has become a very important and burning question in almost all the civilizations of the world. In the eighteenth century English society, as in all other societies, there seems to be a certain cultural, traditional belief that men and women are different from each other. Whatever its origin, this belief has persisted throughout centuries in almost all civilizations. The society treats boys and girls as they grow up, on an unequal basis. The 18th century is a very sign significant period in order to analyse how the society at that time dealt with women. The idea of the superiority of men and their ownership of women is eloquently and terribly supported by a glance at English laws involving women. They were ignorant of politics and such important worldly matters. In addition to financial pressures, the severe restrictions, laws and customs of eighteenth and nineteenth century England placed on women made them look to marriage as a means of stability and made women even more dependent on men. Middle class women in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were not expected to think of themselves as members of the nation of individuals. It is found that society has generally favoured one sex over the other. And due to its favoured position, this one sex was able to excel in public life, that is, science, philosophy, religion and politics, which in turn justified its preference to begin with.The overall purpose of this novel is to expose...

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1111 words - 4 pages ://www.kmu.gov.ua/kmu/control/en/publish/article?showHidden=1&art_id=6249350&cat_id=32672&ctime=1084461347756, February 13, 2005. http://www.ukrainaemb.se/Ukraine/Regions/Kyiv/history_of_kyiv.htm, February 13, 2005. 6. Rioukhina, Evelina, UNECE. Kiev or Kyiv? http://www.unspecial.org/uns619/UNS619_T15.html “Vladimir II”. Columbia Encyclopedia. 2005. Columbia Encyclopedia Online. February 13, 2005. http://www.encyclopedia.com/html

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