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Even The Great Fall Essay

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No one ever wants to admit that they have flaws or a weakness. To admit a thing like that would be equivalent to admitting defeat. Possessing strength and self-control creates the atmosphere of being superior. Being put on that high pedestal will only lead to a harder fall. It is impossible to be so grand that neither temptation nor physical faults are to be avoided. It is human nature, a way to learn. However important one may be, or how holy another is, or even someone with great wealth, weakness is within. Refusing and denying those weaknesses simply due to social class or enforced theory will lead to unfortunate endings.

Diving right into the Maeren of Aristotle and Phyllis, the reader is given a basic back story and introduced to the main characters. Aristotle is Alexander’s teacher who was hired by his father to instill great influence and knowledge within the young boy. As it so happens Alexander falls in love with a young maiden and loses focus on his school work. The well praised Aristotle outraged with the occurrence heads to the king to discuss the matters and has that relationship forbidden. Aristotle, the grand philosopher was highly disappointed with the lack of self-control that young Alexander has shown. Considering he is known for his enlightenment and intellect what Alexander had taken part in is much below the standards set by his instructor.

Due to Aristotle believing that he is this non flaw having individual, a person who is so highly above everyone else; only because he is so well educated, does he attempt to intercept the coming destiny. He lacks the part of humanity that everyone else seems to have, the ability to accept passion. Seen within Alexander it proves to be a flaw that Aristotle tries with great force to stifle down. Covering it with anger he realized that his efforts of teaching were failing. The philosopher “wise and grey haired because of old age” (Pg. 12, Par 1) refuses and refutes the said quality that Alexander has acquired, hence the reason for the anger and the need to prevent the two from sharing moments of life together. Nowhere in learning or teaching does love accompany wisdom.

“For this reason he punished the young man, who was mortally in love, hitting him, using reproachful words, and guarding him all the time, as much as it was possible for him.” (Pg 13, Par 1)

The denial of the love between Phyllis and Alexander is presented in a way that allowing oneself to be in love will affect the ability to learn and to absorb the necessary information. Love is exhibited as a distraction. Implications are made that Aristotle can refrain from the apparent magnetism of women due to his self-control, so Alexander should be able to just as well. Maybe, perhaps also the fact that Alexander shows a very high ability to soak up the teachings of the philosopher created a sense of relation which in turn created the hostility. Since Aristotle had known a way for many years to avoid the temptation of love...

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