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Event management companies are professional groups or individuals that organise events on a contract basis on behalf of their clients (Allen et al., 2011). For a new planned event, the essential successful issues need to be resolved by working collaboratively and productively (Wagen, 2007). The issues may evolve around inequity in distribution of resources, problems with decision making and different values and interpersonal styles, inadequate project planning or lack of leadership and direction. Therefore, the importance of use people with the right skills and attributes became crucial to the fast-commercialising events industry (Bladen et al, 2012). This essay will discuss 4 key areas including teamwork, motivation, planning and organising and personal learning. The essay focus reflect on the group organising behaviour and personal leaning on the work of business simulation plan which link several theories and own experience including using the Belbin's team roles theory, Tuckman's stages of team development, McClelland four needs etc. to demonstrate how to make the work more effective and event more successful. Then will make some recommendations for future work or employment.It is still an inescapable fact that people are the main resource of any organisation; in today's increasingly dynamic, effective management of the people resource is even more important for organisational success. Mullins (2010, p3) stated that organisational behaviour is' the study and understanding of individual and group behaviour and structure pattern in order to help improve organisational performance and effectiveness'. Teams exist in all organisations are essential to the working and performance, people in teams could influence each other, and in addition, group pressures can have a major influence over the behaviour and performance of individual members (Rollinson, 2008). For a new organised event team, the effective distribute team roles are imperative and key for the future event progress, however, it takes time for new team members to fuse together into a mature and cohesive group, especially for our multicultural group.Teamwork has its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of advantages, teamwork could sharing of information and ideas, meeting psychological needs of people for being with others, due to each people have different skills and ability, if they work together and effectively use their strengths, then the team could get a synergy effect and maximise people's potential. It also has the advantages of overcome individual biases (Wilson, 2010). For disadvantages, it will cost in time and effort of building a team, such as communication and group coherence. The decisions may be made on basis of keeping team members satisfied rather than being critically examined. In addition, the group pressure will caused because different learning styles of each member.Tuckman's (1965) state 4 stages of group development, forming is the first steps which indicate that...

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event management Essay

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event management Essay

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