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1. Event Planning (40 points)
a. Explain the event planning process as stated by Shone and Parry.

Event planning process is a process that the event planners should follow in order to make the event run smoothly and help to avoid problems that could be occurred in the event. According to Shone and Parry, there are 5 main components of the event planning process, which are objective and getting started, planning (draft outline plan), organizing and preparing the event, implementing and divestment/legacy.

First, the objective and getting started is the first step in planning event. In this step refer to “what do you want?”, you have to think about what activities will you do in your event, what is the objective of holding the event and what kind of event it should be according to the objective of event. In this step the event planner have to get the ideas and proposals of the event. Event planners can get the idea from their colleague by brain storming and voting. After we get the ideas, we have to screen all the idea to narrow them down what so we really need for the event, by three categories, which are marketing, operation and financial. We have to screen them because it will help us to see the whole picture of the event, we can see the objective of the event clearer. In marketing screening we have to look at how the event should be to fit with the suitability of the target group. We can consider at the demographical information of the target group like social profile, age group, and more. Another screening is operation screening. We have to look at the external factors for our event, for example, technology, location, venue or manpower. We have to make sure that the operation will have enough resources to run the event. For example, if we plan to operation the wedding, and if the hotel does not have enough space or venue then we cannot do the event. Next screening is financial screening, it refer to the money that are required in the event. It can be categorized into the major area, which is the event that consider money as authority like fundraising, and generate profit. Another area is event that money is not the first priority, such as charity, rise awareness, education, wedding and politic.

Secondly, planning is next step in event planning process. In this step we can be divided into two parts, which are draft outline plan and systematic detailed planning. In draft outline plan we are mostly plan the general thing in the event like the date, staffing, venue, competitor stakeholder, problems and more. In this part it will be like everyone discuss together so people will get the picture concept and details of the event. Whereas, in systematic detailed planning we try to put things in each division, such as financial plan, operational plan and marketing plan, so people will know more what they should do or what they are responsible for. People will know the amount of budget that they can use, where the event will be located, what...

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