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Event Planning – A Process For Many Events

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“Events can be crazy-making.” says De Dahlgren (12). The Event Planning process includes several guidelines that can be applied to many different types of events. According to The Vancouver Province (British Columbia), “An event may be an association meeting, a concert, a government event, a fair, a charity event, a sporting event, a grand opening, a convention, a reunion or a wedding”. Although the terminology and objectives may differ, the process is the same. Among these guidelines is Define the Goal of Objective of the event. Also important is Facility Selection and Requirements. Another critical issue is Communication. Finally, the Evaluation of the event provides information to confirm ...view middle of the document...

) and how to confirm attendance. The process can also include customer contact. According to Michael Vennerstrom, “At their core, most corporate events are communication events” (2). With much of today’s communication being done through email messages, corporate events can provide face-to-face opportunities to connect with clients, vendors, and supporters. The communication process covers a wide range of needs for an event and is significant part of event planning.

Finally, evaluation of an event is an essential tool in the event planning process. Events can be expensive, so it is important to review that objectives were met within budget, and that attendees enjoyed a positive experience. Gathering data from multiple sources ensures an accurate assessment. The evaluation provides insight into what worked well and how improvements can be made for future events. It can measure how a vendor performs in challenging situations or how successfully committee members carry out their responsibilities. In the corporate world, evaluating an event can determine how a company views the convention’s success by measuring its return on investment.

No matter the type or size of an...

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