Events And People That Shaped History

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Numerous events and people have played a great part in shaping this country of ours into what it is today, the United States of America. Choosing such events or people to talk about is no easy task since there are so many that play a key role in how this country was founded, but the three different ones that will be covered in this paper are George Washington, the Revolutionary War, and finally the Civil War.
One influential person that helped us found this nation was George Washington, Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Virginia; he was the first President of the United States of America. Being commander-in-chief of the Continental Army is not really what he is known for but it is important in how he was influential. He was picked to be commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the reasons that he was picked for that role were the fact he had military experience, he was wealthy, he would serve in such position without receiving any pay, and he was from Virginia, this was important for the reason that it helped tie the colonies together. Washington lost many of his battles and made plenty of mistakes but the reason he made such a great leader was the fact he learned from his mistakes and improved and ended up having three huge victories which were in Boston in 1776, in Saratoga in 1777, and finally in Yorktown in 1781. He also presided over the Constitutional Convention, this in turn lead to him being unanimously elected as the first ever President of the United States where he served two terms from 1789-1793 and 1793-1797; and as the first President he set the standard for all the Presidents that followed. Washington eventually died at the age of 67 on December 14, 1799 which was two days after he be had become ill with a sore throat. The reason that George Washington is such significant and influential person in history is the fact that he made mistakes like a normal human being but instead of giving up he learned from the mistakes and that is a key reason as to why we won the Revolutionary war.
The Revolutionary war was a big part in how our country could be founded. The Revolutionary war was started in 1775 by the colonies rebelling against the British for the taxes and regulations they were forcing on them. The thirteen colonies decided they did not want to pay the taxes that the King was putting on them so they came together to fight the British with the help of a leader, George Washington. The war went on for eight years and many battles occurred in this war most of them Washington lost except for the important ones that helped us to finally win the war against the British. The constitution of the United States is a very important piece that came as a result of the Revolutionary war, and the document is still used in our system of government today; it outlines how our government should function and what rules they must follow and what freedoms we as Americans can have, which include freedom of speech. So the main significance...

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