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1717859 – Tal022-1 - Assignment 1 EVENTS mANAGMENT
1717859 - Assignment 1: Taste of London – Discussion and Analysis
An event can be described as, according to Getz (1997), “ a temporary, can be planned or not, has a fixed length and, most importantly, is unique, a one-off, a spectacle showcase.” I will be looking at a festival which can be defined as ‘a sacred or profane time of celebration, marked by special observances” by Falassi (1987, p. 2). In this assignment I have selected a food festival to analysis and discuss. I will be reviewing the negative and positives of my event. I will also be exploring the affects the food festival has on economic, social, environment and culture aspects of my chosen location.
Festivals have become very popular in the twenty-first century culture with a lot of media attention to less traditional ones (i.e. not being religious). The values of festivals have changed, and they have become a variety of music, food and beverage. In this assignment I will be focusing on one specific annually (four days; twice a year) run festival that is held within multiple locations throughout the world but this assignment I will only be focusing on one event of the franchise, London, United Kingdom.
The festival I’ve chosen to discuss within this assignment is The Taste of London food festival which is an annually held event in Tobacco Docks. In 2017 55,000 guests made their way to the Summer festival. The festival gives people an opportunity to taste for 200 different food and drink purveyors. The festival also has a live line up of world-class chefs doing live cooking demonstrations and interactive master classes throughout the festival. An array of different restaurants participates within the event that attract a variety of different people and tastes such as; The Cheese Bar (British), Barrafina (Spanish) and Delamina (Middle Eastern). I will be discussing the social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of this festival on the local areas and on the tourism industry. Food events like these growing and generating more and more money for communities and nations this assignment will take an in depth look how special events and festival have a positive and negative effect on the environment the economy, society and culture. I will be discussing the positives and negatives of the social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the festival.
Firstly, I will be looking at the economic impacts of the festival. Due to the festival being in London, the main city within England, shows the profitability of the business. London’s rent for event is dramatically higher than other places in England and is usually really convenient to travel to from most parts of the country with multiple of attractions to ensure guests are kept occupied. Another good reason for London is that it genuinely has a lot of tourist anyway, so a percentage of their customers would have not been their sole purpose to travel to London for this one...

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