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Events Of A Forgotten Week Essay

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Broken, I was broken. A car hit me, now I bleed by a tree in the park, where my friends and I lost so many hours to playful fun. It was almost fun to run around in the large grass field, swing as high as possible. Now, perhaps, the holiness of the playground was defiled. The man –whose car now held me to the tree– was shouting, I think. The drumming in my ears deafened all sound. People started to gather around, each turning to the other, gasping and whispering as if I were a scandal of the city. Then, it stopped; everything stopped.
“My, my, my. Little Ryan, two deaths in one lifetime, aren’t we special now?” A sweet and soft voice came out from the distance. I squinted my eyes to try ...view middle of the document...

After a few cheers they began telling me a bunch of stuff that I probably should’ve been listening to, but I was distracted. My two best friends weren’t there. I’ve known them for most of my life and had spent many summer’s with them, where were they?
“Mom, where are Ariel and Selene?” I asked
“Ryan, they went to summer camp,” she replied while cutting the cake. “It was all planned rather last minute; you were supposed to join them. They were both devastated when they found out, but by then it was too late, they couldn’t leave early.”
“Really?” I had no recollection of this even, but then again I did forget about that week of the accident. “Where did they go?”
“Not sure,” she looked at my father who gave a nod, “but they will be back by the end of this week. You could ask them when they return, I’m sure they would love to tell you about it.”
That was the end of the discussion, and the beginning of my questions. In what camp would they be unable to leave early for a hurt friend?
School began on Monday of the next week, and I was quite excited to meet with my friends again. Ariel is a great storyteller and I always look forward to whenever he decides to spin a yarn. Selene was good too but Ariel could weave an epic out of the simple fibers of school life. The gym teacher was an evil monster in some episodes or a mighty hero in others. Ariel wove stories that made Selene and me cry, laugh or some combination of the two. I couldn’t wait for the tales of their exploits at whatever summer camp they went to.
I went to the old cedar tree found in the northern part of the school after I got my schedule. The tree was a favourite of ours; we would always meet there whenever the weather permitted it. So I sat in its shade thinking dreamily on my only memory from the week of the accident, even though half of it was probably hallucinations caused by a loss of blood.
“Ryan!” Two voices called out: probably them.
I beckoned them loser and we sat in a small circle under the tree. I checked my watch and said “Ten minutes left until classes begin.” We had enough time to chat. They began asking how I was after my long hospitalization. I replied quickly with ‘pretty good,’ not much I could say. I was healthy and I didn’t need much extra support or any form of follow up so I was pretty lucky and couldn’t complain. After that, I asked the all awaited question “How was summer camp?”
“Good,” Ariel’s eyes darted for a moment to Selene’s, he continued “life at camp was rather difficult though. The sun rose in harsh light and we were made to awaken to it. The leaders were dictatorial and had engrave his large ugly face into the side of the mountain bordering the site. Day in day out, as sweated beaded down hour brows we would look up to the sky praying for justice or some divine lightning. It was for many weeks, the sound of pick against rock became a melody to us. Clink, clink, clink.”
“Really now? Ariel I love your stories, but come on we only have a few...

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