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December 7, 1941. “A day that would live in infamy”. Pearl Harbor, the place where the Pacific Fleet was stationed. Seen as a threat to the Japanese, with many battleships stationed there, stood a sign as a symbol of power. It was a regular day to many. But just before 0800, everything that day had changed. 181 Japanese aircraft was seen attacking Pearl Harbor. No one ever thought that this would ever have happened. It was a terrifying scene with many ships going down within the first several minutes of the attack. It was a surprise attack that no one saw coming. Shortly after a half hour of the first wave, the second wave came in with another 170 Japanese aircraft.
During this time, Europe was engulfed in war, with America taking no part in it. President Truman had won presidency by promising the people that America would not enter another bloody conflict. Well, this was all true until the events of Pearl Harbor.
How did the events of Pearl Harbor happen, and how did they lead up to it? Well, we can go back to Japan. In early 1931, the Japanese dreamed of an empire. So they had taken over Manchuria which had become Japanese territory. Not soon, did they move into China. It was a success until they had encountered the Chinese opposition. With that said, they were unsuccessful in their conquest for China.
By July of 1941, the Japanese had completed their occupation of French Indochina, and had quickly turned to conquer the Philippines, Thailand, and Burma. With the U.S. concerned on Japan's ambitions, they imposed an economic restriction cutting off Japan to the support with raw materials. This had set back Japans intake on resources by about 90%. Japan was warned by the U.S. a chance to halt all ambitions of China and Indonesia. Japan had not complied and so therefore Japan chose the latter.
However, the only thing getting in the way of Japan's success was the threat of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. The Pacific fleet was transferred from San Diego and travelled to Oahu, Hawaii, or Pearl Harbor.
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, in charge of the Japanese fleet had devised a plan to immobilize the Pacific Fleet. The key elements in his plan had devised of aircraft carriers and aviation. Pilots were trained in the special mission ahead. In October of 1941, the general staff had given approval for Yamamoto’s plan. It had consisted with 6 aircraft carriers which were accompanied by 24 supporting vessels. The attack force that was to strike the Pacific Fleet was lead by Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo. Nagumo had assembled its fleet at the Tankan Bay in the Kurile Islands, and under such secrecy had cast off for Pearl Harbor. On route to their destination, the fleet had avoided all routes in contact with other ships.
On the days leading up to the attacks, Japan was deceiving the U.S. with negotiations. While Japan was doing this, the plans of the attack were being made. On Dec.6, a day before the attacks, Tokyo had sent the U.S. the “14 Part Note”, claiming why...

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