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I. Introduction
The French revolution began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s. During this, the French citizens destroyed and redesigned their political system, by changing a centuries-old institution of absolute monarchy and the feudal system. These changes were influenced by the ideas of enlightenment, particular ideas of nationalism and human rights
Although the French revolution failed to achieve all its goals and at times led to bloody consequences, the revolution shaped modern nations by showing the world the power shown in the will of the people.
II. Body
1. The French revolution was the movement that established Frances democratic system. The revolution first hit its peak in 1789 which initiated the end of the old order of France. With France under immense financial trouble, King Louis the XVI needed money. To fix Louis financial crisis, the French monarchy reluctantly called upon the state’s general to levy a new land tax that could hopefully solve the financial crisis. It had been 175 years since the last meeting of the three states, which consisted of the first estate which comprised of the clergy, the second composed of the nobility and third and final estate which consist of the middle class and lower classes, The estates met at the Versailles on may 5, 1789 and they quickly fell under a power struggle. The third estate soon declared itself a “national assembly” that represented the people. Louis attempted to shut down the National Assembly, but the members declared that they would not disband until they had introduced a new constitution for France. The tension in France increased, intensified by crop failure which led to food shortages. As one mayor said, “ It is impossible to find within half a league’s radius a man prepared to drive a cartload of wheat. The populace is so enraged they would kill for a bushel.” The starving peasants were unwilling to deliver flour to their masters and preferred to eat it instead. This lack of food led people to develop anger and resentment towards the ruling monarchy. This led to the storming of Bastille on July 14, 1789.
2. The storming of Bastille is a very popular moment of the revolution. It was encouraged by the rapid pace of reforms and the National assembly’s unwillingness to deal with the uncompromising king. Masses of artisans and workers attacked the Bastille, seized its gunpowder, and released some of the prisoners held there. By claiming the prison on behalf of the revolution they sent a message to the monarchy and forces of old wealth that it would more than a legislative reorganization, but rather a...

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