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Events That Accumulated To The Foundation Of Public Education

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The third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, view education as a way to secure happiness, life, and liberty for the citizens of America. While Jefferson supported the idea of education, he could not foresee how public schools would evolve to include every ethnic group, nationality, and gender to have access to the skills of reading, writing, math, and even problem solving. However, as Jefferson’s breakthrough ideas influenced generations after his lifetime, many factors and events including the strive for a better social class, a changing environment, and the need to shape and mold the younger generations through textbooks soon led to the foundation of the public education ...view middle of the document...

The reformers of the common schools apprehended that education may become the mechanism for one to free themselves from the shackles of their social class. Although they may not recognize the magnitude of this concept as the nation undergoes a development of urbanization. The majority of individuals of early American life survived the complexities of a rural lifestyle as a farmer or other forms of an uneducated job. The credence sustaining ones’ way of living for an unskilled worker soon became obsolete as the country turns its attention to the modernization of cities. Even though some government officials saw the well-being of the nation relied on everyone doing their part in society, even if that part was to farm the land, the pursuit after an education was becoming essential to advance ones’ standings in the social classes (Mondale & Patton, 2004). The result of this, soon nurtured the idea of industrial education. John Dewey, a philosopher and author of Democracy and Education, believed in this form of education that stresses the success of existing depended on the preparedness and the knowledge of a specific trade (Coulter & Wiens, 2008, p. 51). However, the education people entrusted to prepare them for a profession confided in the ability that an occupation could provide the potential of a superior social standing. With the thought of not adapting to the growth of the country and the concern of a belittled social class, passion for an education was instilled in the people.
While these people fought for an education, textbooks became the crucial instrument for flourishing ones’ intelligence in a curriculum. Considering these books are influencing every student in the early days of America, it is perceivable to rationalize why the authors felt the country’s future needed...

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