Events That Change Lives Essay

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What significant events can shape or change an individual?
Event’s that shape or change an individual has had without a doubt a deep impact on that individual. These changes are the result of events that have personally affected the individual. Traumatic, inspirational, natural, are all events that play a large role in shaping and altering an individual. Change by a traumatic event is often the result of emotional or physical pain. Inspirational change is the motivation to do things differently because it is what you believe in. Natural events, puberty, age, physical traits are all natural events that shape an individual. These events all played large rolls in the character development of Juliet (Romeo and Juliet) and Homer Hickman (October Sky).

Traumatic events, there are two types of trauma, physical and emotional. Physical trauma is an event that has physically affected an individual often caused by serious injuries. Debilitating injurious will force individuals to adapt a new lifestyle. Some of the most active people had to give up sports due to serious injuries. Emotional trauma is an event that has caused the individual severe emotional damage. Emotional trauma is common with children that were abused during childhood. They could be emotionally scared for life, wounds heal but the mind cannot. In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Juliet undergoes significant emotional trauma. When she witnessed Romeo's dead body it was extremely traumatic for her.

Inspirational events are events that inspire individuals to accomplish a certain goal. Individuals that are inspired and determined can accomplish anything changing their lives forever. When that flash of light soared across the sky Homer was inspired and from that day on it was his dream to build rockets, he now works at NASA....

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