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Events Through The Odyssey Essay

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At the Start of the Odyssey, Odysseus had been stranded on the island of Ogygia, where Calypso, the goddess like nymph is holding him captive. There, Calypso bribes him with riches and immortality, but Odysseus does not stray from his loyalty to his wife or his earning to return to his home land of Ithica. It is not until the goddess Athena asked her father, Zeus, to send a message to Calypso, telling her to free Odysseus: "O Majesty, O Father of us all, if it now please the blissful gods that wise Odysseus reach his home again, let the Wayfinder, Hermes, cross the sea to the Islqnd of Ogygia; let him tell our fixed intent to the nymph with pretty braids, and let the steadfast man depart for home." (Book I, 106-12) that the young man was free to go forth from the island. Had it not been for Athena's benevolence Odysseus would not have escaped from the keep of Calypso. Odysseus, being a strong qnd capable man, was unable to escape the restraints of the nymph. Athena came to his aid and showed him that even the strongest of people need help getting out of certain situacions. This past summer, while I was in Europe, my wallet was stolen. I had no way to contact my credit company to cancel the card and so i wrote my father to see what i should do. Most luckily, my father was able to get in touch with the credit company and annul the card before any money had been taken out of the account. Had it not been for him I al not sure what I would have done. Both Odysseus and I expirienced that there are situacion when help is needed and there is nothing one can do other wise.After Odysseus left Calypso's island on his raft, he was overtaken by a mighty storm that the Sea God, Posiedon, had created. Odysseus had been responsible of taking the sight of Poseidon's son, the Cyclopes. Poseidon resented Odysseus for this and now that Odysseus was away from Ogygia and the protection of Calypso, the Sea God was free to reap his vengeance. The previous act of Odysseus was now presenting him with the consequence. The Cyclpes hqd asked Odysseus his name but throughout the entire time that the Cyclopes had imprisoned him, Odysseus did not reveal his name. However, upon escaping the Cyclopes, Odysseus yelled after the monster: "I heard the crew in low voices protesting: 'Godsake, Captain! Why bate the beast again? Let him alone!' I would not heed them in my glorious spirit, But let my anger flare and yelled: 'Cyclopes, if ever mortal man inquire how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye..." (Book IX, 535-55) Had Odysseus only heeded the words of his companions the Cyclopes could not have told his father who had taken the beast' sight and Odysseus would not have encountered the raging storm that encompassed the Sea God's anger. I expirienced the wrath of my coach after attempting a back flip on the beam with out telling him or asking for a spot. My friends had suggested that I ask him but I decided it wasn't worth it. How...

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