Ever After Movie Review

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"Ever After" Movie Review When people think of a fairy tale, they view it as a story of a princess and a prince charming. The stereotype of a fairy tale is that the princess is vulnerable and in need of a prince to rescue her. Most fairy tales portray princesses as the hopeless maiden that has no individuality. In the movie "Ever After," fairy tales will never be the same. "Ever After" is another version of "Cinderella". As the viewer continues to watch the movie they can clearly see the difference between the two movies by the setting, narrator, character, and point of view. The story of "Ever After" takes place long ago in England around the 16th century. The setting seems like a monarchy where there was no middle class. The people were either rich or poor. The rich were the kings, queens and people with power. The people living in poverty are the ones who work to make a living. Danielle, the child whose father past away cooks and cleans for her mother and her two stepsisters, Jacqueline and Marguerite. Like Cinderella, Danielle also slaves for her two stepsisters and her stepmother. The difference between the two movies is that in "Cinderella," it did not show any poor people and there were no fairy godmother and magic pumpkins helping Danielle. "Ever After" is a Cinderella story portray with more reality. It shows the reality of England at its time because there were people living in poverty. The Cinderella in the story is portrayed as Danielle in "Ever After." Danielle is not some vulnerable princess that needs a prince to save her; she is a strong and smart girl. Danielle is an orphan living with her stepmother and two stepsisters yet she doesn't long for her prince charming to come rescue her. She is a person that views life with enthusiasm. She is an individual that cares about others. In the movie she was able to stand up for herself and save one of her servants. Cinderella would never have the guts to do what Danielle would do. As a person that is strong-minded and stands up for herself, she was able to save the prince of England from a bunch of bandits. This proves that she does not need a prince to save her from anything. She is portrayed as an independent woman not looking for love. The prince of England is portrayed as a man with no responsibility. His family wants him to marry at once yet he is not ready. He wants to be free and to do what he wants to do without rules. He is not a prince that is ready to find his princess. As he runs away from his responsibility of a prince he happens to meet a young madam by the name of Danielle. He is intrigued by Danielle's perspective of life. He is...

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