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The universal views on men and women change from generation to generation. The baby boomers may see a woman as someone whose domain maybe more in the household than in a typical work environment. Women are becoming more competitive in the work environment and not only with other women, but men too. Women also seem to be taking advantage of the absence of the glass ceiling that was once there. Even the roles of men in recent years have changed. The growth of stay at home dads have drastically increased, and some women have become the breadwinners in some households. The role of gender in society today influences job opportunities, physical appearances, and emotional state of being.
Women are in touch with their feelings and sensitive side more than most men. They are often requested for help with personal issues, and emotional dilemmas. The notion of being in touch with your “feminine side” does not necessarily mean to be comfortable wearing dresses, but not being afraid to show emotions. Confronting emotional issues appear to be more prevalent in women than in men. A couple of guys at a bar do not tend to talk about emotional detachment with their male friends, or problems with their spouses emotional absence. Women have a strong suit for helping out with many sensitive issues, and particularly in the household. Men are more mechanical in their thinking when handling problems. When a woman is in emotional turmoil; a male may want to help fix the problem without any emotional attachment. I remember just days after the passing of my grandmother my sister dropped an heirloom, and I offered my assistance to help fix it. All my sister kept doing was telling me to leave in an angry tone, and it did not click until later that I was only trying to fix the problem, and I was not connecting emotionally to how valuable the heirloom was to her.
Women in society today are becoming more competitive in the job market. Women are applying for jobs that would have been out of reach in generations past, and some are even taking the jobs from other men. The positions the women are being hired into are not standard secretary jobs, but higher ranking, and overseeing positions. Women are beginning to acquire jobs that give commands to men, but today this a common occurrence. At the turn of the century it would have been outlandish for a women to receive a job opportunity to manage men. Even the jobs men are getting are different...

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