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Ever Wonder How A Product Gets Out Into The World?

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Ever wonder how a product gets out into the world? How people see it first even before commercials? How it becomes popular? The answer is that it's all done by marketers. Lots of time and effort is put into entertainment for them while they try to interest people in their product. Many people don't even know the difference between marketing and advertising and how they get products out into the world. Basically, marketing is the art and science of getting people to buy stuff. More formally, it's the study of how to determine consumer needs and translate those needs into products and services and selling them locally, nationally, and globally. Marketing is a practical, career-oriented, and solidly pre-professional major that requires analytical skills, logic, and creativity. Those skills are very important in a marketing executive. A marketing executive also needs to be outgoing, well-spoken, well-informed person with confidence and common sense. In addition, a marketing executive has to be creative and have an open-mind that's not limited to anything, because "thick-skinned-marketing personnel get fired" said one marketing executive ("Marketing Executives." Careers). Marketers have to be able to build their ideas off nothing and most important keep in mind what the consumers want. Another important skill in marketers is to show leadership and not just follow what other people say. However, to be in the marketing career no formal educational requirements are needed except most employers require a college degree. People that go into this usually major in one or more the following: Advertising, Agricultural Business and Management, Business Administration, Business Communication, Communication, Economics, Marketing, Mass Communication, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Technical Writing. Some suggested high school preparation tips from former marketing executives are to have a college preparatory background and experience with computers and various business software programs. Also, you should focus on writing, communication, and math skills, and take college algebra, statistics, and maybe calculus. From taking marketing, you'll learn about the distribution of goods and services, consumer behavior, pricing policies, channels of retail and whole sale distribution, advertising sales, research, and management. When you finally get a career as a marketing executive, you will have many responsibilities. One responsibility will be that you have to know the company's product line, historical market, potential market, media costs, media response, and budgeting issues. A second responsibility will be that you have to know how to determine how best to take advantage of any or all number of advertising media to promote your product. Some advertising media is by radio,...

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