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Everlasting Memories Of A Time Long Past "The Man In The Black Suit" By Stephen King

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Temptations come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. Giving into these temptations can have a lasting effect on the human mind. In “The Man in the Black Suit”, Stephen King used multiple literary devices to support his central idea, that once a man turns away from good and journeys into evil, that man will forever be impacted. King’s story started with an old man in a nursing home writing a journal about his childhood encounter with the Devil. The old man, Gary, began his story by going back to the summer of 1914. One afternoon, nine year old Gary went out fishing after he completed his chores. Before he left, Gary’s parents avidly made him promise not to go too far into the woods, and “not beyond where the water splits.” (King 782). Gary made his promise, as if to silence their nagging request and continued on his fishing trip.Once in the woods, Gary gave into his temptation and wandered over to where the water splits. Gary broke his promise in doing so, but this was where the fish were biting. He quickly caught a rainbow trout, and dropped his line in the water again. While he waited for his next catch, he stared off into the clouds, and eventually drowsed off. He awoke to pull on his line, and bee on his nose. While sitting frightened, a clap is heard behind Gary and the bee falls to his death. The clap of death came from the Devil himself. The Devil approached Gary and told him horrible lies, and chased him out of the woods. Gary eventually ran into his father, and they investigated the incident together. No devil was found, but Gary’s father felt a strange presence in the woods, as if someone was watching them. Gary never again spoke of his encounter with the Devil, but the thought of facing the Devil again had tormented him for the rest of his life.Gary is seen as both an old man, and a young boy in this story. He stated that his childhood terrors should be long forgotten at his old age. Yet, as the years passed on, the clearer his encounter with the Devil became. At a young age, Gary was the typical farm boy of the early 1900’s. He had chores to do around the farm, and did his share around the house. When all the day’s work was finished around the farm, Gary and his father enjoyed fishing down by the river. Gary had an impressionable imagination. When a bee landed on his nose, he imagined it was the same bee that killed his brother over a year before. Gary knew it was impossible, but he could not help but wander in the possibilities. When the Devil told Gary that his mother had just died while he was fishing, the young boy’s imagination assumed control. He did not want to believe it, but he could not help but imagine his poor mother dying on the floor.The Devil was portrayed as the evil incarnate himself. He strolled through the summer woods with his tightly combed black hair, and his black three piece suit. In place of irises, his eyes were orange flames. His uncanny sense of humor...

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