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Everlasting Scar Essay

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Humanities Everlasting Scar In his essay "The Shatterer of Worlds," Kildare Dobbs says that the bombing of Hiroshima was a wrong thing to do. "The white scare I saw on Emiko's small, fine-boned hand was a tiny metaphor, a faint but eloquent reminder of the scar on humanity's conscience" (Dobbes735). I agree, the U.S was very wrong when they decided to use the atomic bomb.Dobbes starts out his essay by telling of a family that had been evacuated from Hiroshima. He talks of a girl in this family, Emiko. She still traveled into the city for school with her friend Hideko. On the morning of August sixth the two girls were dressed and ready for the seven O'clock train for Hiroshima. An air-raid siren had been sounded at seven a.m., though the all clear had sounded before she reached Hiroshima's main station. As Emiko passed through the station she ran into a friend, she talked to her while waiting for a streetcar. They talked for a while until Emiko noticed a single B-29 in the sky. People around her began to talk anxiously. Before she knew it there was a bright flash in the sky (Dobbes731). Emiko had just witnessed the first release of an atomic bomb.Emiko was almost forty feet from where she was standing when she awoke. Emiko was standing behind a cement wall when the bomb exploded. This is what probably what saved her from the blast. The air around her was dark and people were running around in chaos. Emiko thought that she was close to a regular bomb explosion. She fled toward the mountains for safety. On her way she witnessed many disfigurations of people. Many burned beyond recognition, screaming in pain. Emiko saw a man who's "face was ripped from mouth to ear"(Dobbes732). One young soldier had a bamboo in one of his eyes. Emiko didn't stop walking until she reached safety. When she got to the mountains she bandaged her self up and looked back at the city to see that "it was a lake of fire" (Dobbes732).I cannot grasp the sight of smell of what it was like when the bomb was dropped. A witness said, "I have not been able to eat broiled meat since the bomb." The smell of burning flesh was still present in her mind after forty years (Yamazaki127). The sight of the mushroom cloud must have been striking for those who saw it. Michiko Yamaoka remembers "brilliant flashes of yellow and blue, which seemed beautiful"(Bremner2).The beautiful cloud of colors very quickly decimated Hiroshima. Yamaoka recalls "intense pain from severe burns to her face, shoulder, and hands" (Bremner2). Four point four square miles of the city were completely burnt out (Blackett39). The enormous damage brought out by the atomic bomb caused enough damage to halt city life and industry. The more destructive conventional bomb attacks of Hamburg and Tokyo had not had the crippling effect as of Hiroshima. (Blackett40) I am sure that words cannot say the true events that took place that day. I am sure the scene was horrific, the smell of burnt flesh and the sight of charred bodies...

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