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Everworld: Whatever You Wanted To Know

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¡°Welcome to Everworld¡± is a infamous quote used by the characters in the book Everworld: Mystify the Magician, by K. A Applegate. This book is the eleventh of a continuing book series about four regular teenagers; David Levin, Christopher Hitchcock, Jalil Davis and April O¡¯Brien. They are brought into Everworld By Senna O¡¯Brien, April¡¯s half sister. Everworld is a place of terror and chaos, where you can see a war between the Aztecs and the Vikings, where you can take a lovely tour of Hel¡¯s hell. The four regular teens from Chicago must battle every day to survive, and also must try to find a way back home. The hard part is that the only way home is the way they got there, through Senna, the gateway and Senna is not letting going to let the four teens use her. The theme of this story is ¡°people always get what they deserve.¡± The evil in this book is obviously Senna O¡¯Brien who brings the four teenagers to this place of horrors. As David says in one of the books, ¡°Senna has what you might call flexible morals: Whatever she does to other people is fine; what anyone does to her is unforgivable.¡± Senna¡¯s evil can be seen when she sells her friends out to Hel so that she might escape from Hel¡¯s hell. Senna also sold her sister out to the faeries when they were looking for the gateway, Senna. Senna also tried to kill all of them by gathering an army in the Real world and bringing then into Everworld.In Roman mythology, Hel is Loki¡¯s daughter that is half dead and half woman. The dead part of her is extremely disgusting, and when you see it, you want to gauge your eyes out. The woman part is supposed to be so very beautiful that all who see her wants her. Senna, who gets captured by Hel, decides to make a deal with Hel for her life. ¡°What did you offer her?¡± asked Jalil in the fourth book Realm of the Reaper, ¡°I offered her something that she never had,...

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