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What every BODY is saying
What every BODY is saying is a straightforward guide lining on the body language (movement) development through the book. The book is an easy read and one can go back to review a specific part of the body language through a clear headline for each chapter and subtopic. Some other books on body language will list the described manner, but no insight into what it mean by saying why the gesture are significant. The book goes in depth into the brain limbic system and shows how the uncontrollable reaction guide by this portion of the head of those we are honoring. I cannot understand the concept if unsure what a particular gesture may mean.
The author, Joe Navarro, is a former FBI agent counterintelligence officer who specializes in the field of nonverbal communication or body language. Nonverbal behavior explains how to speed read people decoding the sentiments and behaviors, avoiding any hidden pitfall, and looking for deceptive behaviors. He gives the groundwork for understanding the why and how behind behavior and gestures movement, this teaches the reader how to decipher the body language for themselves. The author stresses the importance of personal identity and the complication of body language, rather than just giving the reader an examples and some meaning. His explanation takes out the confusion out of reading gestures and behaviors.
The author repeatedly through the script makes a point of reminding the reader that using body language to identify liars outright is extremely difficult. Instead, tell the reader use it to identify subjects or questions which cause discomfort in the person they are talking to, thereby identifying the areas that you need further investigation. The author explains how observations on the person freeze, flight, and fight response of humans are interesting. He puts into words that the reader already sort of know subliminally but have never really thought about directly. The reader will find as well as myself, every single behavior the author describes, and now know directly what they mean and what to look for. He includes lots of personal anecdotes, too, which enliven the material.
In law enforcement the ability for an officer to do his job, he need to able read any person gestures and behaviors while on patrol. Community policing allows police officers to be able to talk and work with the community and at the same time learn about a particular person to look out for. If you pay attention, the reader would notice when someone is either comfortable or uncomfortable in response to certain stimuli or questions. A lot of the moments made in the book are easy to understand, here are some of the points highlighted as interesting.
When a person's stress, the lips will begin to tighten and disappear, the person is during lip compression Then pursed out the lips or pucker when the person in disagreement with something or someone, or thinking of possible alternative. Concealment of hands...

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