Every Body Is Beautiful On The Inside

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There are many different views on skeletons, and they can be thought of as grotesque or beautiful. Most people would perceive skeletons as being scary or ugly and relate them to death. However, people such as scientists, doctors, and those who wear skeletons for fashion would perceive skeletons as beautiful. A common way skeletons are used in different cultures is through holiday celebrations. Skeletons are used in both the American and Hispanic culture for ugly and beautiful purposes. In the American culture, skeletons are set out for Halloween and to be set out as decorations. In the Hispanic culture, people who celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) view skeletons and death as a part of the life cycle. Each year from October 31st to November 2nd, Día de los Muertos occurs to commemorate loved ones who had passed away and celebrate the life they had lived. From skeleton face paint to decorations, flowers, music, food, games, and candy, such as sugar skulls, the entire celebration is considered beautiful by this culture. Even though people commonly refer to skeletons as grotesque, they can be beautiful at the same time.
There are multiple types of people who share a love for human anatomy. An archeologist who discovers fossils and puts the bones together may find the skeleton beautiful, as will a doctor who aspires to be a chiropractor. Even I find the skeleton to be a work of art. In high school, my anatomy and physiology class was one of my favorites because I found the bones in the body to be so interesting. The fact that each bone in the body has a specific name, function, and structure is so incredible. A person who doesn’t find the human body to be intriguing or that skeletons are just a bunch of bones may think that skeletons are grotesque. Skeletons are the main structure of almost every living and breathing being, yet the people who think that skeletons are grotesque don’t find what they are made of as beautiful.
As opposed to the people who don’t find interest in skeletons, there are people who find an interest in death with skulls and skeletons through fashion. An example would be wearing them as a fashion statement; whether it’s a tattoo, a design on clothes, dark pieces of clothing, or jewelry pieces. Some people just like to express the dark side of life with art and they find skeletons cool and interesting, while other people find skeletons creepy. Perhaps the way skeletons always have a smile even though they’re dead creeps people out. Since...

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