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Every Child Is A Wanted Child

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Sitting in the hospital, I picked up my newborn baby cousin. As I held her in my arms, I gazed into her pearling eyes, and admired her little hands and feet. I pondered on the miracle of life, and the what a blessing it was to have her sent down into my family. The feeling I got when I held her in my arms was amazing, unlike anything I have ever felt before. I am confident that the majority of people have experienced this same blessing in their lives. Everyday, thousands of beautiful babies are born. On the other side of the spectrum, thousands of babies are also being aborted in the United States everyday. Abortion is an intentional, violent, and horrible act that kills an innocent human life. So what is it that makes people think abortion is okay? There are many excuses out there on why people think it is alright to get an abortion. Some of them may seem legitimate to a mother. For example, the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest. This is a horrible, traumatic thing that could happen to any woman. A woman in this position might ask herself, why would I want to have a baby whose father raped me? Well put yourself in that babies position. It is not their fault how they were conceived. In the book "Abortion Opposing Viewpoints", a woman writes a letter to an editor about the story of her rape, her resulting pregnancy, and the birth of her daughter resulting from that rape. She contends that the baby is hers, not her rapists. She goes on to say how all life is sacred, and the manner of her daughters conception is irrelevant. Rape does not justify abortion. Abortion only traumatizes the raped woman further when the woman realizes that she has murdered her own child. The truth is that most incest and rape victims would rather carry the baby. Statistics show that 94% of rape victims and 100% of incest victims said that abortion was not a good option for other women in their situation. Rape victim, Kathleen DeZeeuw said, "I feelAbortion 2personally assaulted and insulted every time I hear that abortion should be legal because of rape and incest. I feel that we're being used to further the abortion issue, even though we've not been asked to tell our side of the story. To encourage a woman to have an abortion is to add even more viloence to her life. Two wrongs never make a right."(Rape & Incest) A number of abortions out there are a result of parents finding out their child has physical abnormalities. In most cases of this, the fetus will be in the second or third trimester, when the baby is big enough to tell it's abnormalities. Domonic Lawson is the father of a daughter with Down's Syndrome. He thinks that aborting a fetus because of a deformity is wrong, and that just because a baby is born with a mental or physical handicap, it does not mean it will necessarily be an unhappy person. Lawson goes on to state, "All people have a right to life, whether they are handicapped or not." (Abortion Opposing Viewpoints pg. 123) ...

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