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Every Child Should Be A Wanted Child

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The first half of 20th Century America was indeed an exciting time in history! We saw in a span of just 50 years wars going from being fought on the ground by massed infantry to decisive campaigns waged in the air. Automobile ownership was no longer just a luxury of the elite class, but also of the working class. Mass communication could be viewed on a television, no longer limited to the radio. Many fatal illnesses and diseases found treatments and cures – all due to a rapid progression in science and technology. Coincidentally, it wasn’t just science that was changing the face of America, it was the faces of America that were changing America. In the same fifty years, women of America ...view middle of the document...

Experts agreed that the population problem caused by the “baby-boomers” following WWII were a source of instability in the world: Doctors believed it could bring an end to world hunger brought on by poverty; Politicians believed it would prevent communism brought on by poverty; Conservatives saw the impoverished as a burden on tax payers; and environmentalists saw overpopulation as a threat to the world’s supply of natural resources(May, 49). Motives aside, experts seemed to agree that population control was imperative, and that this little pill may just be the perfect solution. It turns out the pill did very little to control overpopulation.
May also examines the effect the pill had on men. Although the pill benefited men to the extent that it eliminated the necessity for condoms or withdrawing, there was an issue of self-esteem in that the pill might compromise man’s primitive sense of dominance by restricting the ability to re-produce at will… Now the woman has that control. The latter seemed to prove less of an overwhelming concern for men when weighed against the sexual freedom the pill offered. Free from the restrictions and responsibilities of marriage, men could live the “good life”. Playboy, who was a huge proponent of sexual freedom (and thereby the pill), “appealed to many male readers eager to imagine a respite from the burdens of breadwinning, parenting, and sexual monogamy” (May, 73). So, it seems that liberating a woman’s sexuality was not such a bad thing… as long as it was for the benefit of men.
May focuses her research in another direction: male contraceptives. Surprisingly the male response was not incredibly negative… again, as long there were...

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