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A Day In The Past Essay

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A Day In the Past

"Bring" "Get up Mike!" his mother shrieked up the stairs. "oh no"
groaned the reply because today as he knew all too well it was Monday,
and not any Monday it was his first day back from the summer break.
Gone were the days he could relax and enjoy the sunshine, He was now
back to the real horror of life, the shocker of the year: School!

He stood up wearily and yawned, stretching his long, thin arms out
wide and then rubbing his freckled face. He then dragged himself still
asleep into the bathroom which was through the jungle of books,
clothes and litter out into the hallway which was no bigger than the
length of a car. Turn left out of his room, go past his younger and
very irritating sister's room and then at the end of the hallway there
is a white door which has paint chipped off it and the hinges are

This is the bathroom, As you step into this room you are greeted by a
green toilet which has faded in colour and looks well used. Above this
there are three windows. All of which you can't see through to give
you some privacy whilst washing. Left on the toilet there is a
matching faded sink. To make the complete set, on the last wall there
is a small rickety bath leaning carefully against the wall. All four
sides of the room are decorated with oddly shaped tiles which look
like they have been slapped onto the wall without much though or care.
The mortar is cracked and there is plaster everywhere. Anyone would
think a small child had done this bit of DIY. The bathroom is dimly
lit by a single bulb which has been neglected and without any sort of
covering. When you walk around the room you cant help but notice the
worn down and patch green caret. Areas are lighter when people have
walked moist such as toilet and route top and the sink and bath. Other
than these few trails the carpet looks almost new.

After he has finished brushing his badly chipped teeth and combing his
heavily greasy, knotted shoulder length brown hair. He washes his face
to rinse off last nights sleep and to begin a new day looking his best
he uses Clearasil to clean his pores and prevent even more red lumps
on his face. Finally he slaps on some bronze colour liquid all over
his face, neck and shoulder in an attempt to drown out the stench of
his B.O.

At last he goes back into hiding and reappears a few minutes later
fully clothed in a moth eaten blazer with a logo of a shield and some
sort of feathered bird. Under this he is wearing a semi white shirt
with buttons missing and pinned tightly to his scrawny chest. At the
top of this shirt there is a collar, which has a tie hanging under it.
The tie is yellow and green striped in a diagonal patter. From waist
down he is clothed in plain black trousers which are at least three
sizes too small for him and could almost pass as...

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