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Every End Is A New Beginning.

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Life may seem to you as unfair but it is not. It is the known fact that if you chase a thing which you love very dearly it would run as far away from you no matter what you do. Ave woke up feeling dreadful as she did everyday. She was lying alone in her bed crying her eyes out.
Jessie her best friend was in kitchen making breakfast. She headed upstairs with her breakfast when she heard uh huuh huuh! Being all worried she slam open the door. in the mountain of the comforter she saw Ave zombie like face. Jessi asked "what's wrong my dear ?" Ave tying to find words to explain her pain, the air was choking her. Seeing her wiping it occurred to Jessi that Ave was carrying this burden for her decades.
Jessie held Ave in her arms and pated her back. The room was cold like Ave's body. Finally Ave calmed down and she broke the silence by telling her story to Jessie.
Ave took a deep breath and said " It was my life long dream to become an architect. Despite of getting accepted into Arts university I couldn't go there." Ave sniffed. Jessie asked her with a wrinkled forehead "why is that so?" Ave trying not to cry again got up from her bed and went into the rest room. Jessie anxiously waited for ava to step out.
Ave talking to herself " I didn't deserve it, you deserved better." Her conscious was telling her to calm down and get hold of herself " what's done, been done. It is the past now.tell Jessie about it and you will feel better " she stepped out and then continued from where she left.
Ave: " it all started when our school started to hand out the applications for universities, I was ambitious to get into NYU. As I am Asian my parents were worried about its atmosphere but I applied for it any way."
Jessie:" didn't you try convincing them or giving them a tour of NYU?"
Ave: " You think I didn't convince them or any thing. My parents belong to a conservative family. In my family they don't let girls study more than 10th grade and then they force them to get married. Only the boys are supposed to get more education than the girls. Most of my female cousins were forced to leave their studies and get married. But my parents are not like that, they say that girls should get good education as it is a tool for empowerment."
Jessie: " that's really sad, if my family was like that I would have left them and lived on my own."
Ave:" Well for Asian it isn't an options. If you take any step the society thinks that you have a bad character and you aren't a family oriented women and no one should marry you."
Jessie:" All they do is gossip and make up stories, they cant mind their own...

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