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Most people have some kind of hopes or dreams. Hopes
are "desires accompanied by expectations of
fulfillment, they are one that give promises to the
future." ( The Merriam Webster Dictionary, page 367).
Dreams are "notable for their beauty, excellence,
and/or enjoyable quality." ( The Merriam Webster
Dictionary, pages 234-235). However, these dreams are
many times thwarted by many obstacles along the way,
as happens to George and Lennie's in John Steinback's
novel, Of Mice and Men. George promises Lennie's aunt
Clara, right before she dies, that he will take care
of Lennie, and that they will always be together.
During the 1930's, people like Lennie, who has a
mental handicap, and black's, such as Crooks, the
stable man, are discriminated. During this time, also
known as the Great Depression, barn workers likeGeorge and Lennie would go around looking for work at
a ranch. Very few Americans owned land, and only
rarely did they have any freedom. George and Lennie
want to buy a piece of land. To George this
symbolizes his freedom, he will then be able to
control his destiny, yet to Lennie, it means he will
be able to tend the rabbits, and therefor pet them as
much as he likes. Steinback expresses some of man's
hopes and dreams through the main characters actions.George and Lennie live in hope that their own, very
particular dream, will one day come true. They hope
they will work enough to earn the sufficient amount of
money needed for their piece of land. The land is
important to them because it symbolizes their liberty,
their independence. From the moment they buy the land
and on, they become independent human beings. They
stop depending on whether they have a job, on whether
they have enough food amongst other things. They
dream of building a small house on this land,...

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