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Every Kid A Winner Essay

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As a kid did you receive a trophy for an organized sport that wasn’t based on overall team performance? I have received awards for every sport I’ve competed in, but the rewards weren’t as significant in high school compared to my younger years of sport participation. In sixth grade, I played Pop Warner football under my churches organization. As the youth football season progressed, our team failed to prevail in victory in eleven straight games. At the conclusion of the regular season bearing a zero win record, my team was invited to participate in the playoffs. At the time of the invitation there was a sense of confusion, but it was followed with a sigh of relief. In conjunction of the ...view middle of the document...

While participating in youth sports every child is placed on a team and receives an award.
The argumentative position is that the problem of the philosophies inclusion occurs latter down the line in which it may affect the child once it proposed to tryout necessary sports. The expectations of the competitor are predetermined and if the competitor doesn’t make the team, they won’t completely understand why. In result, some believe the philosophy gives some children false confidence. Once a child receives one award for the sport completed they expect equal awards for everyone. The philosophy falls short in this perspective because as competitors move through levels of school, performance is more individualized. An example of such individualistic performance is junior varsity and varsity sport teams. During the off-season of sports, coaches single out players identifying the strongest competitors in order to make the best roster possible, thus the making of the varsity roster. In result the remaining players are placed on the junior varsity roster. Neglecting the philosophy will cause children and their respective guardians to show that they most develop a work ethic to receive the awards they immensely wish to beckon.
The disapproval of the philosophy in the manner previously stated is quite harsh and may have more negative effects than beneficial results. The beneficiary result of the philosophy is rewarding kids for their dedication and hard work. The points of the arguments have some solid validation but they’re insufficient in regard toward the current point of the competitors being young children. The philosophy is successful because it shows competitors that hard work is valued amidst defeat. Helping children cope with difficulties of defeat is very important with the growth of their competitive experience. In my personal opinion this is the most important asset and benefit of the philosophy. When anyone faces defeat there’s a chance it may lower their confidence in result. Especially as a child, experiencing defeat can potentially crush their confidence. The greatest example of self-confidence in competition is a tennis match. After every successful point the umpire, voices the score to the competitors and audience. Having confidence in tennis is important because with every point being announced players are reminded of their potential to lose or achieve defeat. With confidence and discipline being strong, consistent traits related to success, the philosophy attempts to strengthen the confidence of every competitor.
Now that the child has the confidence to accept defeat, plus the will to be successful, the award helps give incentive to the child to continue working towards their goals. Children are susceptible to many influences in life and sports help develop many traits...

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