Every Rose Has Its Thorns Essay

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Decisions that one makes in life will always have its share of dire and pleasant consequences. This ideal thought is explored through Neal Shushterman’s novel, “Unwind” where the law of the Bill of Life results in both positive and negative repercussions. Whilst several believe that the Bill of Life offers many with a second chance at life, others consider it ultimately creates more problems than it solves.
To start off, the Bill of Life provides children and adults alike with redemptive opportunities at life. Correspondingly, this compromise benefits the myriad premature parents with the ability to ‘Stork’ their baby. The beneficence of storking is seen when a girl storks her baby and thinks to herself, “ Thank goodness for the Storking Initiative, that wonderful law that allows girls like her a far better alternative…how wonderful it is that she can get a second chance.” (Shushterman 53-55) A parent’s relieve is present as storking allows sophomoric parents a chance to dismiss their responsibilities, as well as, a possibility for a better future for the child. In addition to this, the most significant asset is that the unwinding system allows cures of all sorts of diseases and disabilities; such an instance occurs when Cy-Fi receives a brain transplant. He explains to Lev that, “I was nearly roadkill... But brain damage [is not] a problem like it used to be. They just replace the brain tissue and you’re as good as new.”(126) This system aids people like Cy-Fi to permanently obtain essential body parts to function again thus giving anew chance at life. Lastly, many also admit that the Bill of Life assists young, unwanted individuals in believing that they can serve a greater purpose in life. During Risa’s bus ride to the Harvest Camp, a boy named Samson Ward with whom she encounters, explains this as, “ I was never going to amount to much anyway, but now, statistically speaking, there’s a better chance that some part of me will go on to greatness somewhere in the world. I’d rather be partly great than entirely useless.” (26) Bounteous citizens like Samson believe that this system helps eliminate useless people in the world by providing profitable ones with their body parts. Hence, the Bill of Life offers underage parents a quick technique to rid of responsibilities, provides cures to revive and ousts idle people in the world.

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