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Every Student Is Unique And Has Its Own Identity

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Every Student is Unique and has its own Identity
Every student is unique and has its own identity. I personally believe it is important for teachers to treat each student as an individual, and always remember that no student’s situation is the same. Anne Shirley from the story, “teapot and the tempest” which is written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and Jean Louise, from “Jean Louise’s dilemma” by Harper Lee both the characters education level is higher than rest of the students, which made them stuck in their classroom, however they both ended up in a conflict with their teachers, yet both of them reacted in a different way. This shows us the similarities and differences between both the characters.
Anne Shirley was stuck in a multilevel class room, which vary from 6 year old all the way up to 16 year old, and was run by Mr. Phillips their only teacher. At this point the class was left without any assigned work, and he started helping Prissy Andrews with her entrance exam to college. This lead other students to do whatever inspires them, for example students were eating green apples, whispering drawing pictures on their slates, and driving crickets etc. This steered Anne Shirley to follow her train of thoughts, and ended up day dreaming. On the other hand Jean Louise’s class Miss Caroline, the teacher is reading a story to the class, regardless of knowing what her student’s educational level is. Most of the students cannot imagine the story, which ended up making students bored, and feeling lost. Additionally Most of the students in that class is repeating first grade again (Lee18). Furthermore most students work on a farm which shows they don’t have enough time to invest in studies. However there is a student named “Jean Louise” who could read as well as write and is brighter than rest of the students in that class. Both students ended up in classes lower than their requirement.
Furthermore when Jean Louise tried to help the teacher as she could read and...

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